Wikileaks bombshell reveals Hillary’s Orwellian plans for America


Hillary is embraced by her ignorant supporters as a candidate that upholds equality with a self-proclaimed legacy of being a progressive woman. This legacy is a lie. This is made nowhere more clear than in the latest bombshell uncovered among Wikileaks’ Podesta Emails released last Friday. Hillary Clinton’s hidden persona as a dark elitist disguised as a progressive woman is explicitly stated in this extract of an email sent by Bill Ivey to John Podesta:

we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.

This highlights the fact that Hillary and her cabal are on a mission to control the American people and breed a submissive and superficial population who will do as they’re asked. If elected, Hillary Clinton will transform America into an Orwellian society where she, and her superiors like Soros, will control over her “bucket of losers”.

Ivey is seemingly worried when he complains to John Podesta about the current state of the citizenry:

The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.

Clinton’s team is obviously worried at the sheer amount of people rebelling against freedom-killing left-wing ideas such as political correctness, gun control and Socialism. They are worried at the support and popularity enjoyed by Donald Trump. Thus, if elected, Clinton is sure to engineer society, destroy culture and heritage, and breed a new generation of politically correct left-leaning muppets who will surely destroy the world.

They will “conspire” to engineer society into an entity that will follow orders sent by the elitists. In his email, Ivey admits that the left is on a mission to convert society to an Orwellian hell. While the words are not stated by Hillary herself, Ivey’s use of the word “we” affirms the notion that Hillary, and her superiors, are in league with him to make this Socialist utopia a reality.

The media is a major tool that is already being used by these people to transform society. The fact that media was already colluding with the Clinton campaign has been made clear by the emails sent by media networks and their reporters to the Clintons, which have also been revealed by Wikileaks. For example, NBC’s John Harwood emailed John Podesta several times, including plans for dinner in New York and praising Hillary’s performance. And let us not forget how Comcast, NBC’s owner, donated $5.6 million to the Democrats. Furthermore, the campaign has friendlies in media networks to put their information “out there”, as reported by Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson. 
The new revelations come amids other emails explicitly stating how Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS. If Hillary Clinton is elected, then America will face disastrous consequences. A President who secretly wants to change society and impose left-wing ideas on its inhabitants will ruin the entire country. 

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