Why Jacinta Price and Candace Owens Are Loathed by the Left

Jacinta Price receives the left’s venom on a daily basis because she does not subscribe to the victim narrative upon which their grifting is based.

Jacinta Price and Candice Owens

Jacinta Price receives the left’s venom on a daily basis. She does not spew the narrative of a perpetual victim and she clearly is a threat to the Aboriginal victimhood industry business model.

Jacinta Price wants far more accountability of where funds to Aboriginal communities ends up. She has described how the left operates in co-opting the close the gap movement and the left do not like it.

To the left, Aboriginals must think a certain way. They must be subservient to the left and applaud their cheap platitudes and gesturing and accept their assigned role as victims from enlightened elites.

They define an exemplary Aboriginal as one who plays football, is in the arts or academia. Not being engineers, doctors, business people, scientists or nurses. They stump on their issues year after year and say continue with hand-outs.

The left wants to maintain dependency, whip up anger and to prolong problems. They have no interest in business, thrift or endeavour. Those things require effort and accountability,  personal responsibility.  The left simply wants to reinforce their dominance over them.

Their answer is massive wealth transfers, symbolism and rituals, feel-good posturing, and more self-loathing and self-flagellation. Virtue-signalling is all they have. Only Aboriginals who identify as the oppresses and describe themselves as victims are of use to the left.

Candice Owens and Black America

Candace Owens in the United States gets the same wrath from the left. She, like Jacinta, is most courageous in going against the left. Both of them do not read from the left’s guidebook. 

The big Aboriginal superstructure keeps Aboriginals down and a big bureaucracy of pen-pushers ensures the status quo remains unchanged. We see that the left loathe minorities who do not toe the line or carry their water. An Aboriginal who is not a raging leftist is no use to them.

To the left and the ABC, it played the narrative of Adam Goodes versus the deplorables. Inventing racism is what they do best. The best racism Adam Goodes came up with was a thirteen-year-old girl who threw an unpleasant taunt. That is the face of racism in Australia we were told.

Racism is not menacing enough for the left. There is simply not enough menace from racism in Australia. The left is lacking in worthy menaces to fight. It needs to keep inventing them.

Activists throw such venom at Jacinta that they call her a coconut and race-traitor. Her Twitter profile got inundated with words like sell-out, scum and more. Even Jacinta gets tagged with the word Nazi. Anyone opposing the left is a Nazi. Candace Owens is labelled a Nazi also.

The constant slurs by the left have now lost any meaning. The words bigot and Nazi are thrown around continually. There are far more Methodists in the United States than white supremacists. Nazis are such a small fringe but to the left, they are lurking on every street corner.

The left does not believe in personal responsibility. Price just calls out the scammers who make a living through gesturing. The left say they are about inclusiveness but thrive on dividing people by race, class or sex.

The left like people to think they are entitled because of past wrongs. They feel the Aboriginals are needing their enlightened help and pity. This incentivises the perpetual grievance-mongering. This will not end.

Price is a conservative because she is no one’s victim. Any minority who fails to play their assigned roles as victims for the left and to be subservient gets a barrage of abuse.

The Dark Emu Controversy

The spewing of hatred towards those who have exposed the Dark Emu book for its errors are called scum. The Unshackled got a predictable amount of abuse after simply saying what academics, historians, and anthropologists have said.

Bruce Pascoe thinks he knows better than two-hundred years of historical research, explorer accounts, scientists,  anthropologists and so on. He has discovered the truth and anyone who dares question it is a bigot.

He totally has hoodwinked journalist Rick Morton. Morton claims he spent two days reviewing and checking references. Eight hours per day would equate to 3.82 minutes per footnote. Even if all these sources were on the shelf you would need more than that. Most of the material is not on the shelves but in library storage and needs to be ordered to access it.

Morton’s stupidity is another lowlight in his career. Morton simply wanting to win an argument just for fun has, in the process, made a complete fool of himself. It just goes to show that the left will believe anything no matter how fanciful, that suits their agenda.

Tommy McRae (1835-1901) was an Aboriginal artist who lived a traditional life. His drawings do not depict agricultural society. But according to Pascoe, he is wrong. Pascoe thinks Aboriginal agency should be up for re-appropriation.

Dark Emu omits, distorts and mischaracterises important information to such an extent that, as purported history, Dark Emu is worthless. It is a small paperback of complete fiction. It is simply a small paperback confabulating someone’s imaginings of what MIGHT have been.

News Spinners

To the left, it is the side and not the story. It does not matter if it is fiction or not to the left. The left does not care for facts. They even want this paperback fiction book as required reading in schools.

The Guardian newspaper are the worst culprits of a woke obsessed priesthood. Aboriginals are ALL victims according to them and every conceivable program or assistance is praised and every new scheme.  The Greens are unhinged naval gazers with no answers.

They are juvenile delinquents on their quest to continue their virtue-signaling crusade.  The Guardian has a daily competition for virtue signaling and then beg for donations. The menace of Aboriginal victimization fills their pages. To the Guardian, this is the unarguable truth of Aboriginal identity.

Never mind the fact that there is the failure of every single program the left ever espoused-welfare, education system, affirmative action, diversity programs and so on. Breaking the shackles of welfare and reliance is no good for a leftist. Ideological purity is what matters to them. Power unto me.

Radical environmentalists have had a free ride in Australia for decades and largely use self-hatred hysteria,  self-loathing,  and continual claims of past wrongs to gain more ascendency.  It is promoted by the Greens, Labor party and academia. 

The activists have often succeeded in shutting down projects, strangling farmers with red tape and slandering proposals for projects. These activists are aided by legal, judicial, human rights courts and academic supporters. Many Aboriginals have benefited from Australia’s strong agriculture and mining.

After World War Two many Italians, Greeks, Polish, ex Yugoslavs and others made livings simply from the sweat off their backs in cane fields or mining for example. They escaped the utter destruction of their homelands. Little did they complain despite seeing their native lands destroyed and laid to ruin.

Australia is slowly losing its enviable global position due to inner-city activists, socialists, the Greens and regressive agitators like Getup. They wish to continue to promote the dismantling of Australian national identity and the self-hatred of its citizens.

Australia’s opportunity is strong and we could be positioned to be a leader in agriculture, aquaculture and mining. Or we can continue whining and breeding more radical whining pathetic individuals.

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