White South African Farmers Thwart Attack By Ex-Police


Two former black police officers were
caught by quick thinking South African farmers in a thwarted farm attack near
Fouriesburg. It has been reported that an RI assault rifle, 15 rounds as well
as a Norinco pistol with nine bullets were recovered in the vehicle in used by
five black attackers. 

The number of farm attacks
has escalated in the past months while the South African President Cyril
Ramaphosa distanced himself from the issue. 

“The ruling ANC party and certain
other parties’ reckless statements regarding land and expropriation are
therefore extremely irresponsible,” said Jan van Niekerk, member of the Freedom
Front Plus.

“There is no political will to
protect and assist farmers and their workers. Cheap election rhetoric has
aggravated the problem,” he added.

In a press conference held in
Centurion on June 4, Ian Cameron of civil rights organization AfriForum,
revealed that in South Africa from 1 January to 31 May 2019 there have been 184
Farm attacks and 20 farm murders: 

”Attacks in the Western Cape
increased extremely, in such a manner that more than double the number of
attacks were reported from 1 January to 31 May 2019 compared to this period in
2018. If one looks at South Africa there is a tendency of murders being
committed with knives or sharp objects, while the vast majority of farm murders
are committed with firearms.”

 “Statistics show farm murders not
socioeconomically motivated, AfriForum’s data indicates that the farm attackers
do not always loot money, but people were badly hurt.”

Deputy CEO of AfriForum, Ernst Roets
shared his opinion that the situation should be seriously considered:

“Farm murders and attacks are serious
crises. It is important that we communicate factually about it; it is however
just as important that we acknowledge the extent of the crisis for what it is.

“The biggest mistake you can make to
determine the motive of these attacks is to say that is only a single cause.
The realty is a complex phenomenon. We are worried about the climate of this
situation in SA.”

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