Social justice blogging was originally associated with Tumblr, a platform started in 2007. If you visit that site and now Twitter you will see that the SJW’S are extremely zealous and extremely nasty people.

They picture themselves as oppressed and as crusaders for peace and equality. But they are actually many who call for violence against “oppressors” whether white males, capitalist wealth builders, Christians or a host of other targets.


For people daring to show what a baby in utero looks like whether at 5 weeks or 22 weeks they come under attack. Hate speech they say. You cannot show the result of an abortion procedure and some even want any picture of a baby in utero made illegal.

But these same people protesting about baby pictures want more graphic images on cigarette packaging and alcohol labelling. But an abortion picture? How dare they! Alcohol and cigarettes harm a baby, but abortion apparently does not.


In the name of social justice and equality, they go about doxxing people-publishing personal information and publishing any thoughts they have which are deemed heresy.

A wave of harassment follows and often threats. Perhaps their business will be boycotted and maybe even the relatives of the chosen target will be vilified. Why do they do this? Well, they do it for social justice, peace on earth, love is love, tolerance, kindness and equality, don’t you see?

The Real Racists

The SJW’s fight what they say is racism and sexism with actual racism and sexism. We see quotas but they yell diversity. They chant tolerance but are intolerant of any view but theirs. They chant inclusiveness, but shut down speakers and actively exclude others who do not submit to their ideology. They chant diversity, but not diversity of thought. They expect everyone to submit to them or else.

The far-left SJW is based entirely on hate. An Aboriginal must dare not have a view contrary to the victimhood one. A woman who does not prescribe to the feminist ideology is an enemy. How dare an Aboriginal think for him or herself!

The ideology all Aboriginals must prescribe to is this: They are victims of government discrimination.  They are all victims of past wrongs.  Racism is systemic and deeply ingrained in our culture.

Symbolism and gesturing will move us forward. A treaty will bridge the gap. All problems are someone else’s fault.  Aboriginal people are owed rent. Any Aboriginal child is stolen. Only Aboriginal people can have opinions and a say on Aboriginal Australians (so long as they are leftist progressive ones).

What the left like is subservience and paternalism.  Good luck in having the ABC and SBS having Indigenous folk speaking who do not buy into the left’s ideology and their self-loathing platitudes. You have more chance of a warm Siberian winter.

The Human Rights Commission

We see that the Australian Human Rights Commission is a tyrannical empire.  It was once chaired by Gillian Triggs. It is a group of left-leaning human rights lawyers and special interest groups. It is an ambulance-chasing operation seeking fragile humans who feel they have been insulted.

The AHRC offers compensation to those who complain of being offended, ridiculed or insulted. Nearly all these cases do not have a legal basis but the process itself becomes the punishment.  The AHRC encourages people to seek hurt feelings and to use it as a weapon. It reduces people’s maturity level. There are already existing laws for inciting hatred and violence or for racial abuse.

There is no right to not feel insulted or humiliated. Hearing uncomfortable things is not the same as a Stalin reign of terror.  Placing unnecessary limits on speech is a hallmark of totalitarian socialist states to control every citizen.

This is why SJW’s are mostly socialists. Instead of them acknowledging truths or statistics and other views,  it is easier for them to yell hatred or bigotry. It means they are fragile and they need a whole army of ambulance-chasing human rights lawyers to shield them from criticism. Hurt feelings become a weapon.

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