WATCH: Yellow Vests Protest Brisbane

A series of Yellow Vest marches were held around Australia on Saturday the 19th, in solidarity with those ongoing in France.

I had the opportunity to attend the Brisbane event, which consisted of an eclectic mix of different groups, ideologies and branches of the political spectrum.

They managed to find common ground in one key area: the rejection of the entrenched political class and the assertion of individual liberties.
Guy Fawkes masks, rejection of fiat currency, the call for reduction in immigration, rebellion against the UN, and even references to Q-anon were just some of the messages present. Even Anti-fa and the IWW were there, lurking on the periphery.

Could this metasticise into an effective Australian movement or is it just a temporary flash in the pan and a Gilletes Jauntes cosplay? Time will tell. They are planning another march this Australia day.

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