WARNING: Do not believe the MSM’s fake news regarding Seth Rich


Fake news has been circulated to an unprecedented degree today by the lamestream media regarding recently deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich. The narrative goes like this: Rod Wheeler, a private investigator who contributed to Fox News regarding Rich’s death, is suing Fox News for allegedly misquoting him in order to sensationalise the story so as to divert public attention from the Russia conspiracy (the other fake news narrative spread by the MSM).

That is not all, as Wheeler claims that the Trump administration colluded with Fox News in this process of diverting attention from the Russia fake news. The MSM is currently on hyper mode as this revelation gives them another opportunity to pump out more fake news in order to fuel its audience’s anti-Trump hatred.

But thankfully, Wikileaks has come to the rescue. Wikileaks has released two audio recordings debunking this narrative as a lie. It’s first leak involves Rod Wheeler invalidating his own claims. Yet the second leak seems to be more important, as they released an audio recording of a phone call that occurred between Ed Butowsky and Seymour Hersh. Who are these people you ask?

Ed Butowsky is a pro-Trump billionaire who funded the investigation on Seth Rich’s death. Hersh says that Butowsky’s claims that they met are simply “gossip”. But that is not true, as the audio recording shows they did in fact discuss the issue.

In the video, Hersh is clearly heard saying “All I know is that he offered a sample…of emails, and said ‘I want money'”.

The point here is that Hersh denied having any conversation with Butowsky, and says the latter “took two and two to make forty-five”. Hersh says that it was Seth Rich who leaked Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks, which contrasts the fake news narrative that Russia somehow hacked in to the DNC.

This means that Butowsky and Fox were not spreading fake news regarding Seth Rich and allegations that he was killed for leaking the emails.

What do we know so far? 

Seth Rich definitely gave Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks in exchange for some form of financial reward. The MSM’s anti-Russia narrative has been further invalidated. Rod Wheeler himself invalidates his own claims, and this seems to be a fake news roller coaster aimed at further putting the Trump administration in further disrepute. Yet this has not been very successful thanks to Wikileaks’ efforts. Even if the Trump admin told Fox News to focus on this story, so what? This is clearly something worth reporting on, and if Seth Rich (who leaked all the emails) was killed just before those emails were publicised, then it is pretty clear what this entire play is all about.

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