The Victorian Ombudsman has completed its investigation of the Victorian Labor Party’s misuse of staff budget entitlements during the 2014 state election, with 21 different members of parliament found to have breached guidelines relating to staff payments. During the 2014 Victorian state election, which saw Daniel Andrews elected as Victorian Premier, various different Labor Party politicians violated regulations which prevent electorate officers from engaging in political campaigning. The electorate officers were found to have been employed in campaigning roles, despite also simultaneously receiving tax payer funded salaries as part of their employment in the offices of certain politicians.

Various high profile state politicians have now been found to have been embroiled in the scandal, including Jenny Mikakos, Martin Pakula, and Gayle Tierney. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has played down the misuse of $388,000 worth of tax payer funds, choosing to instead claim that ignorance on the part of those involved is to blame, rather than any sort of deliberate attempt to engage in corrupt conduct. This incident is just the latest display of arrogance and entitlement from what is becoming an increasingly complacent political establishment, on both sides of Australian politics. The Australian people have been taken for granted for far too long.

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