Victorian Government Continues to Remain Silent as Another Paramedic is Assaulted


The silence from Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Government is deafening, as yet another paramedic was assaulted, this time on Thursday morning in the northern Melbourne suburb of Epping. At approximately 12:30am, ambulance officers were called to the address in order to treat a man who had passed out due to overconsumption of alcohol. However, as the officers were in the process of attending to the man, he became violent — allegedly spitting at, punching, and verbally assaulting them, as they attempted to carry out their duties. The paramedics continued in their attempts to treat the man, in spite of the violence. One of the officers required admission to a nearby hospital after being punched in the face and sustaining serious injuries.

This latest story comes in the wake of a highly publicised case from earlier in the week, which saw Melbourne magistrate Barbara Cotterell overturn an earlier sentencing decision, which would have seen two Melbourne women — Amanda Warren and Caris Underwood, serve time in prison for seriously injuring and effectively ending the career of a Victorian paramedic. Cotterell cited the pair’s “appalling” childhoods as justification for the controversial decision, which now effectively sets a legal precedent for criminals to assault ambulance officers in Victoria and escape prison time, despite mandatory sentencing laws. Ambulance Victoria’s CEO, Tony Walker, has slammed the decision, highlighting the fact that a Victorian paramedic is assaulted whilst on the job “every 50 hours”. The Unshackled’s readers are encouraged to sign a petition in relation to the matter, in order to hold accountable those responsible for the crime. The justice system, after all, is supposed to be representing the will of the people.

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