Venezuela President Maduro Escapes Assassination Attempt


The price of coffee in Venezuela might be too high but apparently the cost of a weaponized drone is worth the life of the Venezuelan President.

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, escaped with his life intact after drones that were weaponized with explosives detonated at a speaking engagement. According to reports, the drones exploded above Maduro who was addressing a congregation at a military event.

In videos that have been making rounds on the Internet, Maduro and his wife, Cilia, could be seen looking up at the sky and wincing after the first few explosions went off.

The drones were not able to reach Maduro. As of press time, it was not clear if the drones were shot down by military forces. However, seven people came away with injuries.

News media has been circulating various accounts of the incident. Despite the existence of video, local fire fighters believed the explosion was caused by a gas tank at a nearby apartment.

These reports were supported by a number of journalists who posted photos on social media which showed smoke coming out of the Residencias Don Eduardo apartment.

Rocio San Miguel, who heads the Control Ciudadano, shared his group’s independent findings that one of the drone’s came from the military.

According to San Miguel, the military lost control of the drone which was eventually shot down by military personnel. San Miguel said the explosion at the apartment was merely “coincidental”.

However, President Maduro insisted the drones were sent to assassinate him and that the perpetrators were already captured. Further, Maduro said the people behind the assassination attempt were linked to the Colombian government and the U.S. city of Florida:

“I am alive and victorious. Everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with the Colombia ultra-right, and that the name of Juan Manuel Santos is behind the attack.”

Santos is the President of Colombia. While the two presidents have had their differences, a spokesman for Santos poured water on the allegations:

“The President is focused on the baptism of his granddaughter and not on bringing down foreign governments.”

Contrary to Maduro’s claims, another group called the Franelas Soldiers, took credit for the attack by posting the following tweet:

“We have shown the government is vulnerable. The attack wasn’t achieved today but it is just a matter of time until it is.”

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