A US war veteran who was the victim of a bomb blast whilst serving in Afghanistan, has been the recipient of the world’s first ever successful penis and scrotum transplant. The war hero — who has asked not to be identified, recently underwent a gruelling 14 hour operation at Johns Hopkins University in the American city of Baltimore. Having completed a successful recovery from the procedure, the man is now scheduled to be released from hospital later this week.

Similar procedures have also previously been successfully carried out in both America and also South Africa, however, these procedures involved only the transplantation of a new penis for the patient. Johns Hopkins University has now achieved a world first — successfully transplanting both a penis and also a scrotum in the one operation. Chairman of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine — Doctor Wei-Ping Andrew Lee, has told reporters that such transplants “can help those warriors with missing genitalia just as hand and arm transplants (have) transformed the lives of amputees”. The complex world first operation marks not just a massive achievement within the medical community, but also offers a renewed sense of hope to other victims who have suffered similar injuries to their genitalia.

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