Unshackled Journalist Hospitalised by Brisbane Antifa Thugs


As the joint speaking tour of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux drew to a close in Brisbane last Sunday evening, violent Antifa protesters were sure to burden organisers and attendees with their unwelcome presence and unmistakable stench.

With over 800 tickets sold, the organisation and planning of the Southern and Molyneux speaking event was a mammoth task, warranting a firm private security detail and a strong police presence to ensure the safety of an audience sized in the hundreds. Both plain-clothed and uniformed police patrolled the facility, no bags exceeding an approximate A4 size were permitted, nor waterbottles or potential projectiles, and all attendees were required to successfully pass through magnetic detectors. Considering the degree of torment that Antifa had planned to cause, it is quite clear that such a level of security was an absolute necessity.


As scheduled by the Brisbane Antifa Facebook event, protesters congregated in Musgrave Park, adjacent to the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, at 7pm, in anticipation of guest arrivals. Agitators stationed themselves at both venue entrances to ensure that no attendees would enter the centre unbothered, screaming in futility at any individual who dared attend the event.

After attending the speaking event, and being asked by security to stow away his Australian flag before entering the venue, citizen journalist for The Unshackled, Martin Hartwig, ventured outside the venue. Concerned his propinquity may result in violence, but having no choice other than to traverse by the unruly mob, Hartwig made sure to record the violence using a gopro that had been purchased the night before.
As he passed the livid crowd, Martin was identified by a protestors for having right-wing views and for his close ties to The Unshackled. Moments later, Hartwig was set upon by a rather vocal female and two men. He was struck to the ground and kicked in the head repetitively. The attack resulted in a broken eye socket, a fractured hand, multiple traumas and had urine, which was presumably bottled beforehand, splashed onto his clothes. His shirt was confiscated by police as evidence to undergo testing.
Regardless of how disgusting and cowardly it was, the attack was not the sole crime committed by Antifa ferals on Sunday. Graffiti was left in the bathrooms of the venue by agitators who had presumably purchased tickets to the event, and it has been revealed that Antifa protesters had planned to light a fire within the facility to trigger the alarm system and cause a full-scale evacuation.




When asked to comment on the incident, Hartwig wished to convey the message of “never being afraid, standing your ground and being aware that these people don’t fight with honour”.
Hartwig has since been released from hospital and is recovering at home. Due to the damage inflicted upon Martin’s hand, he is unable to type effectively, leaving fellow reporters such as myself to document his dreadful experience.

The Unshackled Released the following statement earlier today:

Upsettingly, despite Hartwig’s recording, no charges have been laid by police, nor any of the assailants identified. Antifa seem to have yet again committed a vile assault without punishment.

Bearing uncanny resemblance to the attack on Andrew Bolt, Hartwig was told that his attackers were unable to be identified due to mere facemasks. Hartwig, however, is adamant that he is aware of the identities of his attackers through social media investigations.

The riling up of the anarchist mob on social media is highly irresponsible, yet it seems that the state is still unwilling to legislate specifically against the violent marxist group. It is plain for any sane person to see that even moderate views are now being branded “nazism”, “fascism” and “racism”.
Instead of spending time refuting their false branding, perhaps it is time that the right disregarded their petty insults and sought legal avenues through which to abolish, or at least hinder Antifa.

If the public gathering of motorcycle gang members was legislated against, it seems inconsistent to allow another group which is inherently violent to roam freely. The United States recently introduced a bill to “Unmask Antifa” making it an offense to protest while having one’s face covered, so it may be time to bring that home to Oz as well.

Best wishes to Marty Hartwig.

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