Donald Trump delivered a political masterclass of a speech at Mt. Rushmore on 4th July eve. The violent mayhem, tearing down and vandalization of statues is overwhelmingly on the streets of liberal Democrat-run cities and states.

In most cases, it is the predictable result of years of lies and indoctrination by the education system, Hollywood and the media, coupled with welfare policies that simply do not work, and constantly telling blacks that they cannot achieve in life because of racism.

The new far-left fascism is here, just look at CHAZ/CHOP. Antifa and BLM are Orwellian doublespeak in action. The real fascists call themselves anti-fascist.

Black Lives Matter has been imported into Australia with the Aboriginal industry which is about patronising blacks and creating more white guilt which results in huge flows of money and material benefits to Aboriginal people. Once you take away the need to support yourself, you become lazy and less capable of looking after yourself.

Trump stated years ago that universities must start having debate and dialogue on campus and no more cancel culture, shutting down speakers, disinviting speakers and attacks on religious freedom. The universities react to words, books and speakers with fear and anger and they wildly exaggerate the danger.

The growth of the university administration has added to these never-ending layers of protectionism. Discomfort is not danger, words are not violence. People are not simply in either two boxes: the oppressed and the oppressor. The zero-sum game of oppressor and oppressed must stop.

Adolf Hitler changed the German Boy Scouts from decent honest German kids into Hitler Youth within about six years. He did that by putting the scoutmasters in concentration camps and replacing them with Nazi teachers. The universities are doing it with almost exclusively cultural Marxist lecturers.

The political left is determined to destroy Western civilization. Behind all these violent woke extremist groups, there is a Marxist political and intellectual elite, that mobilizes and sometimes funds these violent protests.

The leftists cannot win by political arguments or objective truth-telling. They use intimidation instead. These same elite are similar to those who were seduced by the Communist blocks in the past. They count on also endlessly and systematically indoctrinating the youth. Ignorant, angry, disillusioned, envious youths are fertile ground to sow the seeds of violent Marxism. 

The United States will never abolish the police. Black Lives Matter is based on lies. The media promotes a fiction that police are systemically racist. The media are manufacturing fictional narratives. They want no dissent from it. Tear down, destroy, create automatons, burn down whatever has been created.

The Democrats embrace intersectionality the ideology that black problems all result of white oppression, regardless of any evidence. The overwhelming evidence shows that most young black males who are shot by cops are shot by minority cops. The Democrats want us divided by race, gender, class, gender and so on. Patronising blacks is what the Democrats do best.  They do not like blacks who they cannot patronise.  

Black Lives Matter has been a lie since its founding. The lie clearly sells. It sells because minorities are broken by multiple failed government programs, that incentivise single motherhood and welfare.

The Black Lives Matter movement is waging a war on police. They wish to disenfranchise law enforcement. It is a nationalist Marxist movement. The hands up, don’t Shoot was built on a terrible lie which the mainstream media perpetuated and emboldened, cowardly politicians and others who were fearful of saying ‘all lives matter’.

BLM is a reckless hypocritical movement as the residents of high crime areas know the police are the only institution standing between them and anarchy. Trump now needs to turn his Rushmore speech into stronger action against the new far-left fascists,

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