Trump Impeachment & Epstein CCTV Mystery

Trump Impeachment proceedings have been given the green light, while crucial footage from Jeffrey Epstein’s cell has curiously disappeared.

Trump Impeached

Two interesting stories out of the US today: Trump Impeachment proceedings have been given the green light in the house of representatives, while crucial footage from Jeffrey Epstein‘s cell from the night of his death has curiously disappeared.

Epstein CCTV Footage Misplaced

Multiple outlets are reporting today that surveillance footage from Jeffrey Epstein’s cell taken on the night of his alleged suicide has disappeared. Judge Kenneth Karas has demanded the government look into why the footage cannot be located.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Swergold who has been heading the hearings admitted that nobody has been able to locate the footage. Legal counsel for Epstein’s cellmate, convicted crooked cop Nick Tartaglione have previously requested that the footage be kept secure to confirm the innocence of their client. Tartaglione, who is facing the death penalty for alleged murders after a drug deal gone bad, has been considered as a potential suspect in foul play investigations.  

“It is on the surface troubling,” said Tartagione attorney Bruce Barket, adding “I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve found out more details.”

This development follows charges of negligence and record falsification being laid against the prison guards on duty the night of Epstein’s death to which they have pled not guilty.

It is alleged that Tova Noel and Michael Thomas filled in prison logs to indicate that they had checked on Epstein as was required for all inmates on suicide watch. The pair have cited exhaustion due to excessive work hours as a factor in their alleged malfeasance.

Trump Impeachment Green Light

In other US news, the US house of representatives has voted in favour of the commencement of Impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. The inquiry spearheaded by speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi opens the possibility of criminal charges to be levied against President Trump.

The controversy has stemmed from accusations that Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine that had been already approved, in order to pressure Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenski to perform two favours that were allegedly to increase Trump’s chances of re-election.

The favours included opening an investigation into Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, and to investigate a conspiracy theory that Ukraine – not Russia – was behind alleged interference in the 2016 US election.

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