The Unshackled team thoroughly enjoyed our time at the 5th Annual Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference. We met so many likeminded people, spread the word about our mission, met many stars of the right and also met many fans of ours in person. We were very proud to be a sponsor and will definitely be back next year. However there were some people that appeared to attend for the sole purpose of being triggered. Fairfax Media had sent a couple of their reporters there to cover the conference just in case anyone dare say anything that might be seen as politically incorrect or triggering.

They ended up publishing two articles covering the conferences, while the tone of the articles made it obvious they didn’t agree with the ideas being discussed at the conference of course in usual leftist style they resorted to criticising a supposed lack of diversity of the conference rather than rebut the ideas put forward. They called the audience overwhelmingly young and male, to imply that the conference was a meeting of a new generation of brutal misogynistic alpha males. As a person who was there I noticed plenty of women and must have missed the sign that said, ‘no sheilas allowed’.

Fairfax also failed to mention the racial diversity of the conference, there were plenty of attendees of Indian and Asian backgrounds. They were also triggered because a few people wore ‘Make America Great Again’ caps, which of course makes you a horrible person in their eyes, and for the record, I saw a woman and an Asian man wearing one. But just because there was more of one identity group there than the other shouldn’t really matter, it does not make their political arguments invalid.

Fairfax saved the most triggered reaction and personal attacks for speakers who arguably threaten their own jobs. They were present for the session on alt-media which featured popular YouTubers from Australia and New Zealand. Again, Fairfax didn’t like the fact they were all men, apparently the opinions of 50% of the global population do not matter. In the words of famous alt-media figure Stefan Molyneux criticising people based on their identity group instead of their ideas is ‘not an argument’.

They attempted to paint these YouTubers as cowardly because many of them produce content under pseudonyms. Gee, I wonder why that could be? Could it be because the social justice warriors and leftie lynch mob attempt to destroy the lives of anyone who dare has a view that is not the politically correct approved one? In fact, two of the YouTubers who were present on the panel from the channel The Rational Rise have never hid their identity but from their experience on YouTube you can understand why some do.

They released an Australia Day video where they spoke with some other YouTubers about various Australian topics including Aboriginal issues and welfare. They are a philosophy based channel so they like to explore issues in depth without fear, but the video was too triggering for some. They copped a barrage of personal abuse, death threats, people publishing their personal details online and one even got fired from their job.

All of the panellists agreed that in a better world everyone would be able to show their face. But this is the environment the left has created, many of these YouTubers have professional jobs or run their own business and have young families (which of course is contrary to the basement dweller stereotype and also means they are actually more successful in life than their leftist critics) which means they have the most to lose if the left decides to go after them. Fairfax was probably quite threatened that these YouTubers have subscriber numbers in the thousands at the same time they are constantly shedding staff and their newspapers continue to bleed money.

But of course, the people that Fairfax are most triggered by are the Outsiders Mark Latham and Ross Cameron who closed the conference. It would appear that Fairfax sends a journalist to every event that these two speak at. They had a journalist present at a book launch the pair spoke at on the Thursday night, the reporter hijacked the Q&A session claiming that them fighting the culture wars apparently makes them unpopular with the electorate. If there was ever an example of the media living in an inner city bubble, that statement from that particular journalist was it. He was shredded by Latham and Cameron and by everyone attending that night.

At his speech at the conference Ross Cameron was aware he was being stalked by a Fairfax reporter everywhere he went and gave a Nazi salute so the photographer could have a nice photo for the coming hit piece. Although they reported most of Mark Latham’s speech in detail they omitted most of Ross Cameron’s from the report maybe because it was more eloquent than they had expected, or maybe because Cameron told them ‘you can fuck off to the pub”. Cameron went through a journey through political thought and human progress and how we had arrived at the current situation, it was a thought provoking speech but of course didn’t fit the picture that Fairfax were trying to paint of these two speakers and the people at the conference as ‘far-right’.

Fairfax finished their coverage of the conference by mentioning that in the evening the organisers screened the men’s rights movie (made by a left-wing woman) called ‘The Red Pill’. Of course nobody is allowed to see this movie as it might cause domestic violence or rape. Fairfax thought by simply mentioning this film being screened to attendees was all the proof they needed to conclude this was conference attended by rich cis-het white men talking about ways to screw the poor. But all these Fairfax articles proved is that the conference has now grown popular enough that they feel the need to smear it the way they did and compile a series of fake news reports.

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Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.