Tommy Robinson Talks to Gavin McInnes Before Sentencing


Tommy Robinson, claims he would be killed in jail gives a final interview with Gavin McInnes. Judges are set to give their detailed reasons for the contempt ruling the High Court later on Tuesday.

The anti-Islam activist received hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations and a surge in international support after being jailed last year.

.While awaiting sentencing, Robinson has broadcast a desperate plea for the the US president, Donald Trump, to grant him asylum.

“I feel I am two days away from being sentenced to death, in the UK, for journalism – today I call on Donald Trump, his administration, and the Republican party to grant me and my family political asylum in the USA.”

In this video, Gavin McInnes interviews Tommy “a day before he was headed to prison where he will likely be killed – and for what? For encouraging vigilantes? He never said that. He just got a death sentence for something he didn’t do. “

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