There is a reason to get worked up about the London Attacks


Injured people are assisted after an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017. REUTERS/Toby Melville

In response to Aaron Clarey’s post at the Captain Capitalism blog, ‘Why I Just Don’t Care About the London Attack’

I’m not going to accuse Aaron of being cold, heartless, evil or a psychopath (though perhaps he is a little vindictive) because I understand the sentiment he expresses. Aaron’s case is simple, Islamic terror attacks overwhelmingly target the very people that rush to defend Islam the minute there is an attack. Not only is the blood on their hands, but often enough it’s the blood of their own.

Why should we defend them when they will hate us for doing so? What’s in it for us? Why not let them suffer the fate they choose?

As a keyboard warrior myself, the thought has certainly occurred to me, to just stand aside and let the Islamists do their worst. So I certainly can’t fault him for the sentiment, as yet another attack passes, as the same tired platitudes are uttered by the same spineless politicians.

What I fault him for is dereliction of duty. Aaron assumes without evidence that the majority of people are brainwashed by the leftist cult. They’re not. They’re cowed into submission by the leftist media that declares them all guilty without trial but promises not to punish them if they stay silent. Silent they will stay because they’re guilty of the same crime as Aaron.

Unless people speak up, at all times, but especially after an attack. “Islam is the problem.” Let’s say it, let’s keep saying it, let’s let others around us know that they are not alone, that this “anti-racist” claptrap that has sold them up the river for no good reason is not the majority opinion, and that when they speak out we will have their backs.

That takes courage. Courage is the foundation of duty. The leftists will of course try to attack, but that’s unavoidable anyway. The important thing is that others see we are prepared to fight these stupid policies defending, nay promoting, an abhorrent ideology.

The left know their days are numbered on this. They know they don’t have a leg to stand on, that they’re all out of arguments and have no policy, even theoretically, that can stop the attacks. All they have is fear, and the defense against fear is courage. They’ll collapse, I suspect soon, they have to if they ever expect to get elected again.

The silent majority is already on our side, they don’t need to be convinced, and they just need someone to speak for them. So speak Aaron, not for your own sake, but for those too scared to defend themselves. Defending the weak against bullies and tyrants is not heartless, or evil, far from it. It’s courageous and selfless. It’s certainly not psychopathic, for there is nothing more reasonable in 2017 than speaking out against Islam.

I suspect that deep down Aaron is as courageous as he is reasonable.

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