We are seeing something extremely disturbing going on in the West currently. People have surrendered their liberties and freedoms in exchange for safety from a virus. In the past year, we have seen freedoms eradicated, civil liberties destroyed, tracking monitoring and talks of mandatory vaccinations. 

COVID-19 has shown how populations can be controlled through the use of fear. People yearn to be looked after. People do not vote for a politician who will give you freedoms and liberties. They vote for the party and leader who promises to look after them. The big government mindset is we will look after you, your family and communities.

People do not yearn to be free, they yearn to be looked after. Freedoms and liberties mean responsibility, civic duties and looking after your families. What does leftism promote? It promotes dependence, control, erosion of liberties and freedoms. Government is conditioning people to surrender their liberty for the sake of safety and social justice. 

The USA appears to be on the cusp of total disintegration.  The USA is split in the middle between two sets of people with two different values. One wants freedom, capitalism, parental rights, school choice, freedom of speech and the rights to gun ownership.  The other wants socialism, erosion of free speech,  censorship, bigger government and the eradication of the First and Second Amendment.

Progressives want the perfectability of society and total equality. This means endless oppression, animosity, bias response teams in education and corporations and imposing uniform conforming upon the masses. The left see animosity everywhere and are teaching the youth of today that the West is deplorable and is rife with sexism, oppression, racism and inequality.  It teaches that western history is horrible and your future is horrible. Big tech giants such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Google are cancelling conservative voices or outright banning them. 

The recent speech by Dennis Prager founder of Prager U at the Turning Point USA SAS conference encapsulates everything that is wrong with the current western trajectory.

Prager says the left thrives on ingratitude. This breeds bad character and misery. The left whether in the United States or in Australia loathe their nations. The left destroy everything they touch. They have destroyed universities, the arts, schools, sports, and journalism. It has been a tsunami of destruction.

An example Dennis Prager uses is symphony orchestras throughout Western nations. Some of those orchestras are now not playing Bach or Beethoven because they were white European males!!! Bach and Beethoven Prager goes on to say are adored by the Japanese and Chinese.  The left also says men menstruate and that race is everything. Race DOES NOT matter. Color blindness is the ideal. Only sick people can think that you must see race in somebody. The left is saying climate change will destroy humanity yet do not advocate for nuclear power. They believe in hysteria for control.

Millennials are statistically the most miserable generation. They are told their history is appalling and their futures are bleak. They call the United States a systemically racist nation even when millions of blacks from Africa and Asians continue to voluntarily migrate to the US.

Millenials yell white privilege but Asians are statistically the most affluent group in the United States. Only the left see color. Yes, there are racists as there is in all societies, but the left are the ones obessed with race. Making color important is a hideous concept. Skin color does not matter. A person’s goodness is what matters and their character. 

The Japanese in the 1920s and 1930s were put in labour camps during the conflict with the United States but are now a very affluent successful minority group in the United States. Being raised by two parents is now a privilege. Many children are raised by one parent. Having two parents is becoming rarer. 

State expenditures would drastically reduce if families were intact. Many involved in government programs would be out of a job if families were intact. Social welfare relies on family dysfunction, the invention of multiple genders and sexual preferences. The free love hippie movement was when we saw the first publicly visible manifestations of the sexual revolution.

The result of liberal progressive communities has been the contagion of social welfare and state expenditures,  broken children with growing psychological problems, many medicated youth, poor discipline and poorer educational outcomes. Today’s youth are told to destroy masculinity,  being white means you are an oppressor and privileged, Judeo/Christian values are oppressive and bigoted, certain groups are always victims, sensitivities are the supreme standard and poor literacy and numeracy are accepted. 

Equality and inclusion actually means submit and be compliant. Social justice is a mask for heavy government control and suppression. The Chinese during the 1960s had the Cultural Revolution which was about smashing down the bourgeoisie and the old order to make way for a utopia.  The social justice movement today is about the smashing down of society and the total re-order of society under the guise of equity and inclusion. Social justice simply means comply or else. To destroy a nation you must first remove its history and its values. You must change a nations books, its culture and history, then invent a new history. 

Identity politics is a symptom of the breakdown of national identity and the institutions of civil society, especially families. Family breakdown means children deprived of identity, deprived of a sibling and familial bonds. The adults have said to children accept whatever the desires and wishes of the parents even though one parent is half of who the child is.

Traditional families are seen as oppressive so new forms of sexuality and preferences are invented. It means heterosexism is now taught at many schools. Cisgendered persons are called oppressive so the solution is to encourage transgenderism. If Christians are oppressive, the solution is more immigration of other groups. If whites are oppressive it means more diversity on corporate boardrooms or sports teams.

We see the left redefining tolerance. They say you can have your beliefs and values but don’t live by them or advocate for them. You must not employ others with the same values and beliefs. The leftists said before that no business has a right to act within their conscience to not serve anybody, but they are now celebrating that big tech does not serve tens of millions of people based on their personal and political views. 

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