The Truth is Immoral


We live in an age where the truth and honesty are seen as immoral, where political correctness now rules the world. The truth is triggering, and words must be censored. This was made very clear in ABC host Terry Moran’s interview of Milo Yiannopoulos on Nightline. Milo was accused as one of a “number of users exploiting their platforms to spread hate”. It’s official. The truth is now hate speech. Saying mean things is no one of the worst crimes against humanity.

The ignorance and blatant stupidity of this segment was made obvious when it went on a rampage accusing Milo, and other Twitter users, of making crude remarks directed at Leslie Jones. While I do agree that politeness is important, Moran made no mention of Leslie Jones’ racist anti-white comments made in her tweets. Where was the outrage when she said “Lord have mercy…white people shit”? Imagine if I replaced the word “white” with “black”. I would be responsible for an all-out civil war. Apparently it doesn’t matter if a non-white person conducts racist attacks on social media. Nope it’s not hate speech. It’s only hate speech when a white individual directs their critical comments at a non-white individual.

On an unrelated note, Moran even has the audacity to label Milo as “a drop-out from the Cambridge University in England”. I’d like to see them use those words to describe Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who are actually praised for being so successful despite the fact that they also dropped out of university. Better yet, I would love to see what sort of language they would use to describe Richard Branson, the billionaire businessman who dropped out after Grade 10 in high school.

In addition, I hope Moran knows that his speech could also be seen as hate speech. He is bullying an openly gay and flamboyant man on public television. Moran during the interview said ‘’you’re an idiot’’ and asked ‘’Are you a 13-year-old?” facilitating targeted abuse while doing a news story about alleged targeted abuse. But we won’t do that because we do not play the victim card. We, in the right wing, are logical and rational individuals who avoid victimizing ourselves, because we are not mentally handicapped like those in the regressive left.

Now I do believe that the concept of “talent” is subjective. Milo may think people like Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham are untalented, and yes maybe Milo is being a bit too harsh by criticizing them in his typical sassy manner. But so what? People have opinions. People have the right to have opinions, and they have the right to reveal those opinions. These celebrities have managed to make it big in one of the toughest industries in the world so you would think they can handle mean comments, producers and executives would have been much harsher to their face in their lives. If people’s opinions are now “offensive”, well it’s time to develop a strong mind and restore that thick skin, because political correctness is only going to result in more people doing what Milo does. That’s the truth. You can either accept it, or you can continue complaining and live a wretched life. The choice is yours.

Yes, I think it’s important to be considerate. Yes, I think it is moral to think about the impact your words may have. However, that’s just my moral framework, and it only applies to me. The right to criticize is a part of freedom of speech, and free speech does not come with a qualifier that you must do it with nice manners. Words on the internet are just that, words by someone who probably spent less than a minute writing it, hardly the celebrity stalker threatening the safety of the famous. We live on Earth, we live among humans, and humans are a loud species. And the regressive left is only making it worse for itself by provoking the troll in all right-minded humans.

Moran is right in calling this a “crusade”. As Milo said, “Trolling is absolutely essential. America needs more trolling because trolls are the only people that tell the truth these days”. Criticism is essential in life, even harsh and crass criticism has a point and if you don’t think it’s fair just ignore and dismiss it, don’t run to the internet police.

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