Taking offense

The State of the Culture Wars – Part 2: Taking Offense

The universal characteristic of the social justice warriors is that they live for taking offense. They delight in spewing venom at anything real, fake or imagined that they deem offensive or hate speech. It gives them a sense of purpose.

We must understand that progressivism is a complete empty-vessel, and as shallow as anything comes. Ask 100 people on the street what social justice means and you get 100 different answers. But as with all the usual catechisms of the left, if you dare question them you are intolerant or a bigot. 

The progressives think winning is having everything handed to them and having the state provide everything for them. Having the state operate everything and to make everyone employees of the government is seen as good.  Vote also for a party who promises you lots of freebies.

Aspiration, lifting educational standards, self-sufficiency, free markets and wealth are attacked. Taking from the achievers and re-distributing it is their motto. They want social justice that neglects duties and responsibilities, is pain-free and destroys incentive and aspiration. This will make everyone equal but will make everyone poor and miserable. 


The socialists, the Greens and Getup agitators only currency is taking offense. Their lives revolve around taking offense. Being seen to be virtuous and compassionate is all that matters.

A culture that is in the process of collapse promotes everything the Greens and the left adore: hedonism, no responsibility, envy,  reliance on the state, welfare dependency. We are at that point.

Their ideology is just Marxism rebranded as progressivism. Whatever means or methods for the state to gain more control they deem as good. Any natural advantage someone has they say is because of privilege. 

Personal responsibility is shunned which is why they want the state conducting pill testing at music festivals and why no one should have a gun, because no one can be personally responsible-just take them all away.

There are far more deaths from automobiles than guns-by a lot. Gun confiscation schemes have nothing to do with safety. There are far more guns now than before Port Arthur. Ownership has doubled and homicide reduced by half from 7.0 per 100,000 to 3.6.

The progressives look at a perfect image of a preborn human and say it is fine to kill it. Strip away their euphemisms, mental gymnastics, obfuscation and platitudes and you simply have a pro-death stance. There are heaps of people abandoning their children and murdering their unborn children.

Anything they define as health should be treated by all as healthcare. Give abortion all types of medical terms and excuses.  Their convenience is the issue. The truth is they do not care of anyone but themselves.

Next year they will be celebrating the pregnancy and baby because it will be wanted then. But now let us play deny to suit our lifestyle and our choices. After all we do not want a baby inconveniencing us, they are in the way of our advancement and progress. 


The youth embrace socialism more and more. The older generations are partly to blame for delivering their children into the hands of unionized schools and leftist administrators. The social justice warriors sprout the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Their virtue is the equal sharing of their misery. 

They thrive on: excuses, justifications, no responsibility, resentment,  victimhood, a sense of justice and superiority. They follow their personal whims and do not care about the consequences. 

Left policy failure is everywhere and destroys lives every day. Social chaos and family dysfunction is their friend. They need it to prey on the emotions of others, then use it as a tool to gain more control.

Generally, the youth are not grown up. They are still children. They are busy wanting to be in the right victim group. Their aspirations are often just to have ‘experiences’. No accountability, no duties,  self-indulgence and thinking all the system is against them.

Their life sucks they think because of sexism, racism, patriarchy,  evil capitalists, white privilege, white males, or masculinity. They have largely been brought up on everyone gets a prize,  eradication of merit and decline of competition.  Rigged outcomes,  gender quotas or diversity quotas is all playing pretend.

Factual data will restore us to some level of sanity. The way to have a more functional society is to embrace everything the feminists and social justice warriors detest. The 50 years’ nightmare of broken families and shattered lives should be enough of a clue. Embrace free speech, masculinity,  merit, aspiration, capitalism, traditional marriage and conservatism. 


There is even a deadly incurable disease which is now the world’s first politically correct disease (HIV/AIDS). Having AIDS is blamed on society,  not life choices.

LGBT activists hope that by playing sympathy card it will cover up the fact that HIV/AIDS is overwhelmingly homosexual in nature. Even with such an abundance of facts and the medical horror story of homosexuality the left created a World AIDS Day. Just another propaganda machine. They portray HIV positive as victims of an unaccepting society.

The US Food and Drug Administration website recently warned that anal intercourse is too dangerous to practice but society teaches it to kids and glamorizes it. A huge amount of serious medical problems are associated with homosexuality including tuberculosis,  rectal cancers, rectal trauma, chlamydia, hepatitis and lots more. HIV/AIDS is now defined as a human rights issue and is seen through a lens of victimhood and homophobia. 

The sexual revolutionaries are all about freedom and sailing into pure bliss and pleasure. Then they inevitably and indeed have returned with a host of diseases and expect society to pick up the pieces. Tolerance of any behavior is now the norm. They say morals are relative and moral relativism is progressive. 

That is why we have 5-year-old children marching with half-clad men or in sadomasochistic displays, or 9-year-olds dressed in drag paraded around by adults. This is progressive parenting,  liberating or self-expression we are told.

If you do not want to celebrate a family setting that willfully deprives a child of a father or mother you are called a bigot. If I know that most homosexuals are that way because of abuse, why should I celebrate that?

For the left, tolerance means to tolerate any gender/sexual confusion practice they come up with and then adopt it as normal to the point of allowing schools to push it on children.

I can see new phobias being introduced by the left.  They will be fetishphobia, incestophobia, beastiaphobia and pedophilophobia. They will say incest is a result of old religious relics and is oppression. If a man wants to wear diapers or dress as a teenage girl who are we to judge?


Changing tune and heading to the USA. Gun politics is the most divisive issue in the country. But if a Republican does not like guns, he or she does not buy one. A Democrat does not like guns, he or she wants them entirely banned.

If a Republican is vegetarian, he or she will not eat meat. A Democrat who us vegetarian will want all meat products banned.
If a Republican is down and out he or she will think of how to better the situation.

A Democrat will blame sexism, racism, and wonder who can look after him or her.
If a Republican is not religious, he or she doesn’t go to church.
If a Democrat is a non-believer he or she wants any mention of God banned.
If a Republican wants healthcare, he or she goes about shopping for it or he chooses a job that provides it.
A Democrat wanting health care demands everyone pay for it.

The next time you see someone taking offense in an attempt to gain power over you, call them out.

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