Veteran British journalist and author Melanie Phillips recently explained the growing menace of woke.

The WOKE Phillips wrote is the west’s home-grown tinpot tyrants masquerading as campaigners against hate but their entire purpose is to spread hatred.

They spread hatred against people they say are racist fascist, white supremacist, sexist,  misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, climate-change deniers-for no reason than their targets are people who uphold fundamental western norms of morality rationality,  decency and humanity.

They hate those who tell the truth.  And if one of their favourite victim groups or minorities do not toe-the line with their ideologies, they then spew vile venom. If you are an SJW, it is expected of you that you will target others, target their businesses, shut down speakers and so on. It is part of tolerance and equality you see.

The WOKE have fashioned identity politics and victim culture into weapons of complete character assassinations to silence any dissent from destructive anti-western WOKE ideologies. They are cultural and social totalitarians and the potential destroyers of our world. To put it simply,  they are bullies.

Melanie Phillips escaped the Guardianistaand their social justice warrior priesthood in the early 1990s. She got sick of them spinning every story to suit their political agenda and their obsession with identity politics, feminism and the fighting the mythical patriarchy.

The WOKE in the Guardian are caviar revolutionists and far-left extremists. They claim to speak for the middle classes and the poorer but what they really want is to destroy the competent and successful whom they despise. 

Like nearly all media outlets, the Guardian just forgot to mention that Socialist Alternative orchestrated the climate change marchers and their aim is to destroy capitalism, dissolve the defence force and the police.

The Age described the protesters as university students and the national broadcaster the ABC which is now a woke priesthood and besotted with anti-capitalist reporters, gives extremist feminists a platform on QandA, makes claims that Australia is a deeply racist nation and so on, said they are marching for a fairer world and are progressive. Sure, Marxism is very progressive.

The left cares nothing of minorities who do not carry their water or spread their ideology. They are spat out and ridiculed. If you are one of their favoured victim groups and go against their ideology you will be spat out quicker than flies landing on dog dung on a hot summer day.

Children are weaponized and used as shields.  Children are being brainwashed to hate and prattle propaganda.  Children are becoming cultural hostages and human shields. Children are academic lemmings but know all about social justice, Marxism and climate change.

We see increasingly the youth support and embrace socialism. Part of it is failed parenting. A parents role is to raise independent,  resilient and strong individuals who are bold and ambitious  The aim used to be that they would become self-sufficient once they reach adulthood. No more.

Failed parenting and a failed education system equals young socialists. The youth now want to be properties of the state. Socialism is a failure of personal responsibility and moral formation. How can people do 13 years of school and come away ignorant of twentieth-century history? Ignorance, laziness, idiocy and mediocrity is why.

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