The Exodus Has Begun! Introducing Rational Rise TV


First, they came for Alex Jones. Then, Tommy Robinson. They will come for you. But relax. We have a plan. No, the Trump administration is not going to fix it for us, not overnight anyway and probably not soon. We’re seeing more and more right-wing, Christian, conservative or even merely skeptical YouTubers being branded as “white supremacists” or “conspiracy theorists” and of course these labels are used to assign blame for the many horrors that are occurring in these troubled times.

The Attacks

They have shadow-banned the Rational Rise for over a year now; every time we publish a video, it is instantly demonetised and though we have close to 10,000 subscribers, neat chunks of ten per day are being automatically deleted, and we are not showing up in recommended videos or in subscription feeds. It’s a quiet censorious attack by an ideologically left-wing and fundamentally Satanic corporation, and Google is not alone in its Orwellian thought-policing.

I have already begun deleting my content from YouTube, and it won’t stop until we are completely off the converged platforms altogether. This is not a retreat. This is a “goodbye and good riddance” to the corporations who have betrayed the West, and who will only continue their wretched slide into total depravity. The writing has been on the wall for a while now, but not many know what to do about it, other than to despair, complain, cry, beg, or worst of all, submit.

But we know what to do, and we’re doing it.

The answer has always been action and innovation. How do we defeat the darkness? By flooding it with light. And at The Rational Rise, we pride ourselves on being champions of the light.

Welcome to RationalRise.TV


There is (what we call in Australia) a metric shit-tonne of new content published, categorised and available to view at RationalRise.TV as of today. Hundreds of free videos are already available to anyone who visits the site, and dozens of hours worth of premium content only available to our subscribers are right there, ready to be enjoyed!

A Universe of Content

The full audio book of my novel The Ghost of Emily is available for all subscribers of RationalRise.TV. If you’re not a subscriber, you get five chapters for free. If you are a paying subscriber, you get the whole thing – 14 hours of audio book! This is the first of a trilogy, and also the first of MANY audio books which are currently in production.

We plan to produce and release beautiful audio books of classic Western canon, including works by Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius and Machiavelli, as well as Grimms‘ fairy tales, the stories of Hans Christian Anderson and many more original books for children and adults. Genres will be wide-ranging; from science fiction, fantasy and folklore to economics, politics and philosophy.


Get Access

Subscriptions start from $5/month and can be directed at the content creator of your choice, so that the lion’s share of the money goes to whomever inspired you to join; whether it’s me, Sven, Tim Wilms from The Uncuckables, Matty Rose from Matty’s Modern Life, John Mark from Mark My Words, Dave Hiscox from The XYZ, Noah Revoy from Patriarch Hour, Reverend Matt Littlefield from Based Christian History or any of the new content creators who have appeared since the writing of this blog article.

No matter which content creator you sign up to support, you will get access to ALL premium content, which includes the above book and a growing collection of music albums, live music (including whole recorded concerts), short films, documentaries and more audio books which are currently in the production pipeline. The value at Rational Rise TV is incredible; we already have over 700 published videos, and there are more coming every week.


Just the Start!

We have a lot planned, and this platform is going to be YUGE! There are plenty of content creators, artists and projects currently queued up for inclusion, and this is just the beginning. Our plan is to create a genuine alternative to YouTube, NetFlix and Amazon for on-demand and live-streamed content that will educate, inspire, uplift and, most importantly, promote and celebrate the good, the true, and the beautiful.

This is the push-back against the despair, misery, lies, and evil being foisted upon us by the big tech, mainstream media, and orthodox academia organisations who have betrayed us and attempted to destroy these pillars of what makes Western civilisation the greatest achievement of the human species.

We thank those who have already shown faith in this new enterprise by subscribing before we were even really ready to go, and we invite the rest of you to get on board and join the exodus from converged media platforms. Support truly independent, free-thinking, pro-Western, pro-Christian and pro-Truth content creators at Rational Rise TV.

James Fox Higgins is Editor of the Rational Rise where this announcement originally appeared, Rational Rise is a partner of The Uncuckables, along with The Unshackled and The XYZ.

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