In a recently published article, The Enemy State of China, I discussed China’s abysmal disregard for human beings, those unfortunate to be existing under China’s direct authority are a telling indication and should serve as a caution to the rest of the world.

The Chinese government is responsible for the current plague that’s ravaging the planet without mercy, not only because it was developed in Wuhan, but because they refused to warn the world when we could have implemented the appropriate precautions.

The authoritarian Asian regime was initially satisfied letting the civilized world believe that this dreadful virus had developed in the abominable wet markets of Wuhan, these ghastly open-air meat-markets are littered with exotic creatures and human companions not meant for consumption.

This wouldn’t be the first time that infectious disease was attributed to the Chinese people’s savage affinity for dead bat carcass rotting in the sun, these wet-markets have previously been the breeding grounds for Avian influenza and acute respiratory syndrome.

The wet-markets are certainly to blame for the barbaric demise of many beautiful animals and if they were the only source of sustenance for these crazy little Asians, it would be a different story.

As putrid as they are, maybe these revolting delicatessens are serving as a convenient scapegoat for a far more sinister reality, it’s highly likely that the Coronavirus is a bio-weapon mistakenly released from Wuhans deadly pathogen lab.

The Economic Times reported:

The Chinese Cover-Up

Ever since the news about the coronavirus was picked up by global media, speculations about the communist government of China trying to ‘cover-up’ the outbreak and hide the official figures were rife.

The fact that the Chinese Government tried to suppress the attempts of the whistleblowers (the insiders as well as eight doctors), who tried to warn the public of the pandemic, is rather alarming and didn’t help their cause.

While the rumors of the Chinese cover-up are unsubstantiated, once can only think about the popular proverb, ‘there’s no smoke, without fire’.

Either way, the Coronavirus is an act of Chinese aggression, generations of Americans have been forced into terrifying territory, not unlike our contemporaries of the past that faced World Wars, the Great Depression, and the Spanish flu.

Their noble and patriotic resistance to overwhelming odds and the daunting reality of disease could be an inspiration, especially for millennial’s, had they been taught an accurate account of US History in grade-school. Millennial’s garbage education

Extra Extra: The Pelosi buzz

Instead of scouring through trash receptacles, desperate to accumulate enough garbage to piece together another slanderous assault on President Trump, Democrats and the media should be galvanizing Americans with patriotic fervor.

Our fellow countrymen are expiring in numbers which could reach cataclysmic proportions, callous Democrats delight at the prospect of exploiting this calamity, suggesting that President Trump has “blood on his hands”.

Nancy Pelosi

Americans should never forget Nancy Pelosi’s exploits during this tragic time, from her hidden provision of tax-payer funded abortions in the COVID19 stimulus to attempting to portray the Presidents reactions as belated, even though Dem’s labeled the President’s early travel restrictions racist.

Many of us struggle peering into the unfamiliar face of abject peril and financial uncertainty, in these moments we should be digging down to muster resolve and strengthen our fellow countrymen.

Unfortunately, worms like Nancy Pelosi feel moments like this were made for exploiting, announcing plans to form a committee to scrutinize and distract our President.

Pelosi knows no shame

The President continues to reassure us through daily briefings and Coronavirus updates, for which he has enlisted a formidable collection of scientists and leading doctors,  in doing so he urges the country to unite as Americans, putting aside our petty differences and give each other much-needed moral support.

Pelosi, the wicked witch from the West and her flying monkey’s view the President as monopolizing precious air time that could be used to procure more anti-Trump propaganda.

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, news website dedicated preserving European heritage.

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