Australia’s LGBT community held their annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras last weekend. Despite at first achieving the abolition of sodomy laws in Australia and then in 2017 same-sex marriage they still need a pride parade to complain they don’t have all the rights and privileges they demand.

LGBT ideology teaches the public that trans or gay children can be identified early and they will inevitably be gay or trans in adulthood.  All support and help must be to affirm this, school policies must change and parental rights must be errored.

However, the theory of immutable and unchangeable sexual conduct or tastes has sunk time and time again in many studies. The born this way premise is behind anti-discrimination laws, the safe schools program and compelled speech laws because homosexuality is viewed as innate.

But leftist non-logic comes into play to conflict with born this way. If something biologically grounded as sex and gender can change fluidity, it is absurd to suggest something like emotions and attractions cannot change. If homosexuality is not innate, on what basis are these raft of anti-discrimination laws and LGBT as a protected class justified? The simple answer is none whatsoever.

LGBT activists believe all their problems lie outside the person and are part of society’s heteronormative cis-gendered norms. The raft of anti-discrimination laws, compelled speech, more and more programs and institutional backing will, they attest solve everything. This has been debunked time and time again.

A hostile society is always spoken about by the LGBT activists. However, the most socially liberal nations on earth have not alleviated their problems and activists still rev up their campaigns even in the Netherlands,  Sweden, Belgium or gay liberal cities such as San Francisco or London. 

The question must be asked of LGBT activists if you are allowed to be who you want to be what do they make of people who now identify as ex-LGBT? They want people to identify as whatever they want or change biological sex, but if someone says they are ex-LGBT the activists lash out. We know the sexual revolution takes no prisoners. Many ex LGBT people exist. But the activists despise them and they receive threats and harassment. They are called frauds.

The same with transgender de-transitioners who speak up. They are considered an embarrassment. Lesbian feminists who don’t believe trans women are real women are now the latest target. Anyone who swims away from the LGBT agenda and activists even in the slightest will be vilified.

The fact is it has never been proved homosexuals are born that way, even though it is the entire premise behind special laws and programs. It is the entire premise behind governments telling businesses whom they employ and parents not having a say on what their kids are taught. It is the entire premise behind the state usurping parental rights.

Homosexuality does not need any special laws or protections nor do other alternative lifestyles. Vague definitions of subjective harm are no way to run a legal system. You cannot measure people’s feelings and laws based on emotions and feelings are flawed.

The Freedom March and Straight Pride March are attacked by activist groups, in particular, the Southern Poverty Law Centre and by Antifa activists. The Global Rainbow Crossovers is also another target for activists. It is called hate speech or bigotry. The left logic failure comes in again.

Why should we believe anything the left say? Fake hate crimes, subjective feelings becoming law, compelled speech and saying there are no separate distinct categories of man and women. Yet they shout we are women hear me roar. A baby in utero with separate DNA, own arms, legs, a brain and organs still does not get to be called a baby but if a man suddenly says I am a women everyone must agree to that and laws must be applied.

The left ignores scientific evidence that homosexuality can be physically and mentally devastating but they promote it. Children are taught how wonderful it is. Homosexuals are infected with a huge variety of deadly and crippling diseases. They have silenced the medical fraternity. LGBT groups lobby relentlessly to squash every debate, any facts or any negative stories from getting heard.

Kids are given every anti-bullying program ever devised. Kids are encouraged to come out as LGBT. They are expected to get affirmation, praise and encouragement. Schools, however, cannot fulfil the goal of eradicating bullying. Kids disagree and argue.

What the LGBT lobby want is children programmed to think the way they do. So children who come out are disappointed that not all children will celebrate or accept it. They have been programmed by activists to have everyone else affirm their lives.

Safe Schools is basically wanting every other view erased and wanting children to carry their water. When other children do not accept or praise them like the purveyors of the program tell them they will, they are disappointed. 

Children are humans, not computers who can be programmed to think and act like the LGBT diversity activists tell them. Activists are scared of such freedom.  The freedom to disagree and unacceptance scares them.

Let us look at the influential gay activist Dan Savage who started the It Gets Better Project. . He was endorsed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But what we actually see is a person no different to Joseph Goebbels’ hate-filled speeches against opponents  He employs vulgarity and bombast to shock and label opponents. Dan Savage says homosexual lives will improve despite every indicator even in the most liberal societies that they do not. Dan Savage employs victim status and society is to blame.

The fact is that following Dan Savage’s advice, it won’t get better. He says riding away into sexual freedom and the bliss is the way to go. Homosexuals think they are riding into sexual freedom, but many return with diseases and depression which has destroyed so many of them.

Dan Savage experiences major cognitive dissonance when challenged with facts and evidence. The LGBT agenda has its own science. It has its own journals, peer reviewers, plus the institutions and media backing. People warned that acceptance of homosexuality into the mainstream decades ago would have big implications. Indeed it has.

It has led to more debauchery by minorities who have been buoyed by the homosexual activists. The levels of perversion in our society are increasing rapidly. There are now 100 plus genders, drag queens are reading to children, transgender activists are invading private spaces and there is growing activism to attempt to normalize pedophilia, bestiality and incest.

Do you think I am being overdramatic? They are using the same tactics and methods the homosexuals used in the 1970s to influence the psychiatric establishment. If you change the language and employ victim status as the homosexuals did, you are close to it being normalized.

Homosexuality being removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was purely a political move. No new evidence was presented. The decades since of pandemic diseases, drug abuse, mental health and alcohol abuse show us how sexual liberation as whole has turned out. Other sexual tastes and fetishes will be seen to be enlightened progress and any stigma is part of an old era of religious bigotry or an old religious relic.

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