It has been a couple of months since we had witnessed one of the most crucial elections of our lifetime, and despite all efforts from Trump’s legal team to prove the many inconsistencies that occurred during the U.S. Election, Joe Biden has managed to get over the line.

The new President has just experienced a very different inauguration with 200,000 flags placed on the national mall to represent the thousands that cannot attend due to coronavirus measures taken by the White House, along with a small crowd to welcome him into office. There is no doubt that after 4 successful years of Trump at the helm, that the new administration will steer the country into a very different direction. Despite hope that the people would once again prevail against the deep state, the default globalist candidate is now in charge and ready to do the bidding of his wall street donors. Although polls did undermine the GOP vote, distinguished professor of history at American University Allan J. Lichtman was once again accurate in his prediction of a Biden victory.

In (Part 1) of the article “The Countdown To The Most Important U.S. Election Of Our Lifetime”, it outlined the theory of the thirteen key historical prediction system. Professor Allan J. Lichtman wrote about this in his book “The Keys To The White House”, and based this system on being able to calculate the winner of every election from 1860 to 1980. He had since used these thirteen keys to correctly predict the winner of every election from 1984 to 2016. As we have seen by these election results, Lichtman was able to once again prove how accurate his predictions were. Lichtman suggested that if six or more of these keys were proven false and to be a negative for the incumbent party that they would lose the election. He placed Trump as having seven of the thirteen keys proven false with short and long term economic factors to be the major reasons as to what pushed him into negative territory. Despite Trump not being re-elected in 2020, it did not stop the polls predicting a much worse result prior to the election. Considering that the President had to cope with both the year that was 2020 and a very biased and hostile media, he still managed to pull more votes than any other Republican leader in history. There is no question how big and loyal Trumps base actually was, and it is a reality that the Republican Party have to understand if they are to win back the White House in 2024.

One trait that Trump always rated highly on was his management of the economy. During his first 3 years in office Trump oversaw an annual average growth of 2.5%. He oversaw the lowest unemployment rate in more than 50 years at just 3.5%. Although in April this figure shot up to 14.7% due to the coronavirus, he was able to half that figure just 5 months later. Despite claims from the left that Trump was a racist, minority groups have been beneficiaries to the millions of jobs that were created, lifting many out of poverty by reducing that rate to only 10.5%. The average wage has risen to all time highs of nearly $30 an hour. President Trump was looking set for a landslide come November, but everything changed when the coronavirus conveniently unleashed out of Wuhan presented with many challenges that were set to undermine the rest of his term.

Donald Trump knew when faced with the coronavirus that it was essential to not make any knee-jerk reactions as it would cause absolute turmoil. By this point the mainstream media were in full swing, creating unnecessary fear in the minds of the American people. Social distancing instructions and masks were being promoted as somehow the way to tackle this issue. The amount of harm that these draconian measures would have on everyone would prove that the cure was always worse than the disease. Lockdowns were also promoted and imposed in many states in an effort to flatten the curb, with many negative consequences to small businesses that were forced to close. Trump wasn’t having any of it, there was no way that he would destroy businesses and see a mass redundancy amongst the working class that had never been seen. Trump could have chosen the easy path, one that obeyed the elitist rhetoric when it came to this virus, but instead chose to suffer electorally by speaking the truth. Winning under such a hostile and biased media was always going to be a tough task, and it really shows how different his character is when compared to the majority of world leaders that choose to rule with ignorance, and by puppeting the words of foreign entities.

Rewind back to the November election and we were all left with uncertainty as to how things were going to play out. Things were looking good early on for the Republicans and many of us would have went to bed thinking that Trump had just secured another victory. Trump had come out late election night pointing to these favourable results and claiming that it showed that he was a sure win. After 2am Trump had told his supporters that “The results tonight have been phenomenal,”and that “We won in states we didn’t expect to win.” He also raised the possibility of election fraud which he later pursued throughout November to January. Biden hours earlier also believed that he would win the election and claimed he had a path to victory by regaining key battleground states that the Democrats lost in 2016. This was an election like no other, where nobody knew what was going to happen, or who the next leader of the country would end up being.

The crucial factor that had never been an issue in previous elections when determining the victor was the unprecedented amount of postal votes and absentee ballots that were due to be counted. Trump said that the Democrats were trying to steal the election as there were revelations of vote counting having stopped for a considerably large amount of time early in the morning in key battleground states. It was clear that if fraud were to take place that it was much easier to do it this election cycle since adding or removing postal votes wouldn’t have been an impossible task to achieve. There were also revelations that scrutineers from the Republican Party were not allowed to see the vote count which is against the rules. Votes were later found in a bin in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Many people that voted Democrat were found to not even exist, with people still registered and voting even after they had died, some dating back to the 1800s. The vote count in itself looked suspicious as there was a dramatic shift in such a short period of time from Biden being way behind to him then being in the lead. Trump supporters weren’t sore losers like the left claimed they were, but had genuine concerns that vote tampering played a big part in the election.

There was a lot at stake here as people saw a stark contrast between the 2 candidates. On the issue of the economy there was concern that the Democrats would introduce a 2 trillion dollar welfare package, plunging the country into even more serious debt. Businesses were concerned that lockdowns due to the coronavirus were not sensible but would only cause harm, with many facing eminent closure. Manufacturing and putting America first would be under threat if another globalist was put back in charge. Isolationism on foreign policy would come under threat, and the prospects of new wars would soon become a reality. Far-left extremist movements would continue to rise as they did when the dystopian anarchist inclusion zone of CHAZ was created, and the police would allow them to get away with it. Mass illegal immigration would once again commence at the southern border, and basic freedoms such as speech and gun ownership would be a thing of the past. There was no doubt as to why things were tense and they weren’t going to get any better in the near future.

Come election night there was hope amongst Trump supporters that this would be a repeat of 2016 and that the polls would be once again biased and flawed. One things for certain is that when it came down to how the different demographics voted, there were a lot of surprises that nobody was expecting. Biden got more support amongst women 56%-44%, and was the favourite amongst people under 30, no surprises there. Trump still led amongst seniors despite people claiming that he would lose a lot of their votes due to the handling of the coronavirus. First time voters under 30 went 53% with the Democrats but first time voters over 30 went 67% with the Republicans. Trump no doubt won the white vote 57% especially those from rural areas and that were not college indoctrinated. White college educated people increased towards Biden’s camp whilst Trump made big inroads with minority groups despite his opponents always calling him a racist. Trump increased his vote to 12% amongst black men, figures haven’t seen in the GOP for a long time. He also performed very well with Latinos getting 32% of the vote, not seen since the Bush years. Trump was able to retain most of the traditional red states but was unsuccessful at winning in some of the more marginal ones. In (Part 1) of this article I posted a map which predicted how states may vote on Election Day. The map I have attached on this article (Part 2) is the final results.

The 37 out of 38 safe states that I identified on the map all went the way I had predicted. For the Republican Party these are: (Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah) in the far west, (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana) in the mid-west, (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia) in the south. For the Democrats these are: (Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington) in the far west, (Illinois) in the mid-west, (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, Maryland, Maine) in the north east, and Washington D.C. The one state that I did get wrong in this line up was Georgia. It was a massive shock for the Republicans to lose a state (49.5%-49.3%) that they have held for decades and one that resides in the south. Many say reasons for this could be due to demographic change as Atlanta is seeing a population rise amongst blacks and the college educated that are moving from other states. This leaved only 12 states remaining, 7 which I thought would likely go a certain way, and 5 that were on a knife edge and could go either way.

The states that originally had a lighter shade of red, I believed the Republicans were likely to win but weren’t completely safe. Florida ended up being a very convincing win for Trump (51.2%-47.9%). He was able to increase his vote there and had massive support amongst Latinos. Cubans especially were eager to vote for him. They did not want to risk the chances of socialism being introduced in the United States, as that was one of the reasons why they escaped Cuba in the first place to try and get away from that life. Trumps message was effective and the Democrats couldn’t believe how poorly they did in Florida. The economic and social impacts from those that had experienced it in the past were a huge burden, and many in the Democrats openly calling themselves socialists only proved their worst fears. North Carolina took quite some time to be called despite Trump being way in front. In the end it was close but Trump still managed to win this traditional red state (50.1%-48.7%). Pennsylvania last time round turned red for the first time since 1988. It was a state where Trump was able to win over many of the Reagan Democrats of the past. The Amish community whom traditionally don’t vote came out both in 2016 and 2020 in large droves to support Trump. Things were looking really good until postal votes started to get counted which heavily seemed to favour Biden. In the end Biden claimed the state with a (50%-48.8%) margin. The states that originally had a light shade of blue once again went to the Democrats. These states were Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, and New Hampshire. These states were originally marginal but seem to be trending blue. If however the Democrats end up falling hard in the future, it is within the realms of possibilities that the GOP could pick them up.

The states that had a pale red or blue colour on the original map were leaning a certain way but it was within the margin of error. I didn’t have any with a pale red shade as I didn’t think that there would be any seats that the GOP would only narrowly win via the margin of error. The states that were shaded pale blue i correctly predicted that they would fall in the Democrats column. In the mid-west, the states of Wisconsin (49.6%-48.6%) and Michigan (50.6%-47.8%) were always going to go down to the wire, but polling up until the election had suggested that Biden was ahead. These states caused a lot of controversy due to inconsistencies with the postal and absentee vote count. A small % of working class voters that voted Trump last time moved their vote to Biden and this was all it required for the Democrats to win the election. Minnesota was seen to be a state that Trump could potentially perform well in, especially with the high unpopularity of Governor Whitmer, but it wasn’t meant to be (52.6%-45.4%). Arizona & Nevada were seen as states that Trump could use as a means of countering the poor results he was getting in some of the swing states in the rust belt. Trumps Latino vote in Nevada shot up but decreased slightly in Arizona. Despite the harm that lockdowns would do in Nevada, the state still fell to the Democrats, and Arizona also went into the Democrats column after many liberals from California have been moving to Phoenix thus changing voting patterns of the state.

Originally I had predicted a tie of 269-269 Electoral College votes, with the final result ending up as 306-232. This may seem like a big difference but it wasn’t considering that if Georgia which was always seen as a Republican stronghold and the swing state of Pennsylvania aswell as one of the districts in Nebraska swapped, we would have received a draw. Judging by how the polls were looking, it was something that really wouldn’t have been outside the realms of possibilities. Most people would have predicted despite polls that it would end in a draw or Trump would have been able to win it. Biden receiving the votes that he did was absolutely shocking. How could a senile old dud candidate get more votes than Trump and even Obama the superstar of the Democrats back in 2008? There is no wonder that people question the results, not only due to the evidence of fraud that was out there but also due to the fact that even the left weren’t excited about Biden as a candidate, therefore being unlikely to vote for him. It was great to see Trump gaining amongst minorities but disappointing that he went backwards amongst white people, considering their culture and traditions were at stake of elimination under a Biden administration.

Donald Trump has been one of the best presidents that the United States has ever had. There is no question that he was the most pro-life president by being the only one to attend the March For Life rally. He was able to install conservative judges making it now an absolute majority. He, on foreign affairs, was a non interventionist and didn’t start any new wars making him the most peaceful president in modern history. With that he also made peace treaties, calmed the waters with North Korea, and brought home most of the troops. He resided over a strong economy, record low unemployment, and established fair trade deals so that America could manufacture once again. He refused to allow China to be in control, and was a hero in fighting political correctness. He was truly an anti establishment candidate, and it showed with the relentless attacks from the media, celebrities, and usual rich elites. One of the most important things he did was not buying into coronavirus alarmism and despite the massive backlash that would be a consequence fought hard to highlight the lies of the WHO and globalist elites in pushing such an agenda. Another important thing he did was to actually try and conserve our culture and hit hard against the left that had set out to destroy western civilisation. He may not have been perfect but you must admit that without him there would be no nationalist movement in recent times. This alone, and the very fact of what his presence represented, made him important and someone that deserved the utmost respect for putting his country before his career or money.

Biden on the other hand is a very different leader. He is an absolute globalist puppet, a seat warmer for the woke Kamala Harris to take his place in the near future. A wall street darling for the last half a century that he has been in politics. After his inauguration it didn’t take long for him to get on with the elites agenda that they have set out for him. He has stopped funding for Trumps wall and will most certainly be soft on immigration, sure to contribute to low wages, high unemployment, and changing demographics. He has stripped freedoms by mandating masks and social distancing due to the plandemic, and got back to dealing with the WHO (World Health Organisation). He has re-signed to the Paris Climate Agreement and continued to push the green new deal which will destroy jobs. He has abolished women’s sports via a gender discrimination order, and picked a transgender assistant health secretary. Increased funding to abortion, and eliminated price controls on big pharma. He will continue the lefts destruction of western civilisation by pushing against white people, turn a blind eye to far left terrorists like antifa, and erase history. Professor Allan J. Lichtman said regarding the elite that, “They don’t want Trump as president, because they can’t control him. He’s unpredictable.” One thing is for certain, Biden will be robotic and predictable as his handlers pull his strings in destroying everything good and ushering in a marxist globalist agenda that will destroy our way of life. One can only hope despite the impeachment they are trying to pull against Trump, that he will be able to come back again and run in 2024. If he is ruled out, he can definitely get his eldest son to run, and the Republicans won’t have any chance of stopping him from becoming the nominee. We have at least 4 years of pain ahead of us, which will cause a global impact, and we can only hope that someone will in the near future once again be able to Make America Great Again.

Damien Ferri

Senior Editor @ The Unshackled

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