The Australian Defence Force Embraces Feminist Rantings


The Australian Defence Force is planning to train its personnel with a Gender, Peace and Security Course to be run by Monash University. The $12,000-a-head course will be run by two of their feminist professors who allegedly believe masculinist policies are to blame for many of our current political problems.

Monash University is arguably the most woke university in the southern hemisphere and was all too keen to install trigger warnings and safe spaces on their campuses.

In the space of two weeks, we have had Clementine Ford’s Tweet about men not dying quickly enough with the coronavirus and now the government has given two feminists a platform in our defence force.

Clementine Ford, for now, still has her City of Melbourne ratepayer grant to spew her misandrist dribble. Toxic masculinity is another theory that gets plenty of taxpayer funds as does feminism, Marxism, gender studies and other such very productive things. Whinging opinions which have no relevance. These feminists are quacks just like the socialists.

If getting taxpayer funds at universities were not bad enough, the feminists can now take on our Defence Force. And once again, spineless politicians don’t take any action. The ADF allows its personnel to march every year in uniform in Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Chief of Army David Morrison was made Australian of the Year in 2016 for his feminist rantings which included telling us not to use the term “guys”.

In the US, President Obama turned the military into a bastion of social justice, diversity, and inclusiveness. He spent the last six months of his presidency thinking about how to get transgenders into the army and into the restrooms of their choice. Obama purged the military and retained only those who kissed his feet to be social justice warriors.

So much taxpayer money in Australia has literally been pissed up a wall. So much money is given to humanities departments which embrace the collectivist culture of victimhood and competing claims of suffering. So many statutory bodies and a huge administrative state make up a whole list of ordinances and rules on how to regulate speech and enforce workplace wokeness.

The big increase in the administrative state and government has gone hand-in-hand with extreme leftism. An army of equality, diversity, gender-fluid and feminist officers dig deep into the public coffers. There are never-ending demands of the public purse from every social cause imaginable.

Unproductive junk programs at universities are very evident. Junk programs at schools are another huge problem; play-based learning, Safe Schools, guided group work, inquiry-based learning, co-teaching and more. Schools do not function as actual schools. They are increasingly social worker clinics and the kids are activists’ playthings.

Rigour and thrift have been eradicated. Social justice is now a vague monster subject to all sorts of monstrosities of abuse with public money. An unlimited government is now trying to achieve social justice.

Anyone wanting to know where we are at needs to read Pussycats: Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West by Martin van Creveld. The social toxic peril of the poison of hard-left identity politics is everywhere. Western democracies are full of disillusioned, angry, envious, confused graduates who have received degrees in grievance studies, victimhood studies, blame studies, race-baiting, feminism, critical theory and gender-bending.

The millennials are becoming the worst generation ever. They made the baby boomer hippie generation look like a model minority and a well-disciplined army. Millennials love their hyper-identity politics and sensitivity sweepstakes is a favourite pastime. They wear their disorders with a badge of honour and they remain children well into adulthood. They love their safe spaces and trigger warnings.

If you deprive them of technology for a week, or maybe even a day, many of them would not know how to open a tin of fruit. Video games, selfies, pornography, left-wing demonstrations and whinging is what they do best.

The unnatural rise of gender confusion is a top-down activist creation. It has been taken up by many to suck on the public purse and is an utterly bogus condition less plausible than demonic possession. Yet it has become an institutional superpower.

Pussycats will show you how the rest will always beat the West. The left embrace the destruction of the family, welfarism, junk programs at universities, toxic feminism, victimhood, race-baiting, superstructures built on a racism industry, white guilt and collective self-flagellation, pushes for diversity in the defence forces, implanted Marxist professors at universities, division of people by identity politics and making people unable to take care of themselves.

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