Terrorism Hits Record Highs In Germany


Data acquired from Germany’s Federal Prosecutor General (GBA) showed that there have been 2,245 Islamic terrorist proceedings in the past four years. The numbers do not match police crime stats from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, leading to suspicions of manipulation for political ends.

Speculations on data manipulation arose after author Stefan Schubert, a former German police officer, revealed true numbers in his book Sicherheitsrisiko Islam [Security Risk Islam]. 

The GBA also confirmed a new record of 1,220 terrorist proceedings in Germany for 2018, with a majority of the cases linked to Islamist terror. 

In 2017, German federal prosecutors worked on more than 900 terrorism-related cases including 800 related to radical Islamists.

The number of terrorism cases continued to multiply in 2018, when 855 Islamist terrorism cases for the year opened by the Federal Public Prosecutor have been raised by the authorities, leading to 884 proceedings. 

The sharp rise of terrorism cases is being linked to the course of the migrant flow.  The country’s security was compromised by the uncontrolled influx of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq who fought for the Islamic State (IS). 

Schubert pointed out that since the beginning of the migrant crisis, 2,245 Islamist terrorist cases have been opened in just four years: “The security risk posed by radical
Islam thus represents the greatest danger for the citizens of Germany and basic

In 2013 there were only 80 terrorist cases in the courts. Three years later, that number rose to 240.

In 2017, it had reached 1,200 terrorist cases and last year saw a new record of 1,220 terrorist attacks.

The number of terrorism cases has jumped nearly four-fold as the wave of migrants continues. The figures clearly show that the threat of terrorism in Germany remains high despite the government’s effort to counter Islamist radicalisation in the country.

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