I’ve always intently viewed NFL games on the idiot-box: It was a Sunday tradition since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and that was the extent of my much-limited Sports-watching credentials. However, in recent decades, I’ve developed a taste for blood sports such as  MMA and Bare Knuckle boxing.

Although I am hesitant to admit it, traditional boxing, despite being over-hyped, wildly corrupt, and very melodramatic, still holds a special place in my heart.

So it’s only natural that I periodically listen to various sports shows on Youtube whilst I tend to more meaningful matters, playing various segments of different sportscasters in the background, listening for interesting breaks, or to catch scores.

For the last several days, Undisputed, with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, had been my go-to for background noise and sports news, as they seemed to be favoured by YouTube lately.

Before the subject of scourging riots had dominated every aspect of digital media, I had already suspected that Bayless, who is white, was the embodiment of the prototypical self-loathing white and spineless epicene, just by his interactions with his horse-headed co-host.

Sharpe (horse-head), who is black, has always made a feeble attempt to portray himself as a man defined by hard work and self-responsibility. However, even a dumb and blind man could see Sharpe’s inner social justice warrior bubbling immediately beneath his dark ebony exterior.

So it didn’t surprise me when they invited race-exploiter and agitator Michael Eric Dyson to the program, spewing out the typical tired nonsense from the left, his role in this interview was “the educated black” and thus the authority on the situation.

Dyson performed as expected, substantiating the typical garbage such as blacks in America suffering under perpetual systemic oppression, minorities are always behind the 8-ball, blah, blah, blah, it’s not fair – we know the drill.

The video is posted below – check it out, if you can stomach it.

This was just one of a handful of interviews on ESPN that put the onus of George Floyd’s death squarely upon the lap of middle-class white Americans, similarly supporting the false narrative that describes a treasonous insurrection, by violent anti-American thugs, as a demonstration by “the suppressed just” or “the righteous under-class”.

Obviously, this is not the only media outlet that had been infected with the progressive left virus, a viral infection that in four years has declared a war on President Trump, masculinity, the American identity, and the economy, to name a few, and now even a network solely dedicated to sport is carrying water for the left!

Riots and looters

In sharp contrast to sports news and the rest of the Democrat-controlled media reports, the rioting and the looting of business establishments have zero to do with George Floyd, young blacks with corn-rows and gold teeth are dancing in the ashes of civilization with their trousers dangling off their ass, they hardly seem troubled.

This is a complete sub-culture within the minority population that is progressively becoming the entire minority population, they have zero concern for the billions of wasted tax-payer dollars, the deaths of the innocent, or the American identity.

I pray we wake before it’s too late.

Drew Brees’ Contribution

I must mention the outrageous situation in New Orleans with all-star QB Drew Brees, first & foremost, yesterday Brees exemplified an individual with testicular fortitude, a lone man of courage speaking truth, during a time when most white adult males have their heads buried in the sand.

In less than 24 hours, after the typical hub-bub from millionaire black athletes, dear ole’ Drew now identifies as a “Coward Personified”, what a tragedy. After almost single-handedly breathing life into an expiring New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina, Brees has morphed into persona-non grata for daring to speak the truth.

It sends shivers up my spine, witnessing Skip Bayless kowtow to his brother from a darker mother as Sharpe chastises and shames Dree Brees. Sharpe mentions his revised take on history, without providing any sources or proof, proving that if you’re a spokesperson for the left that you can simply say anything and your weakling white co-host will nod in approval.

Where is the justice for David Dorn? Where’s the outrage? This further substantiates that this is not about an innocent black man’s murder, rather it’s about the destruction of a great nation.

Dorn was put down like a dog, his lifeless black body lay in a pool of leaking blood as heartless bystander’s did nothing, nothing but broadcast a genuine failure of humanity.

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, news website dedicated preserving European heritage.

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