Sports with a Smack of Social Justice Part 2: Deconstructing Drew Brees


“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country,” – Drew Brees

Firstly, as an American, shit as a functioning being with brain waves, Drew Brees has a right to voice his opinion, whether it’s preposterous and inflammatory or balls on audacious, like the statement above.

Until the flamboyant feathers of social justice whiners and spineless sports pundits were ruffled, this was just another example of free speech, one of the multitudes of protected liberties in the USA.

The left proclaims that they are exceedingly tolerant and demands that you must be too! Protecting and publicizing speech that promotes gay sex and other biological abominations, even when it defiles the minds of innocent children is “Free speech man! And if you don’t like it, well then you’re a bigot”.

They will adamantly defend a reprobates right to blaspheme and debase the teachings of Jesus Christ, however, citing your Christian faith as the moral authority for which you are personally accountable, as in, “I won’t bake a cake for that gay couple,” is considered incendiary hate-speech by the left.

When Drew Brees made that initial statement, referencing WW2 veterans in his immediate family and what respecting the flag meant to him, most reasonable folks were impressed. Everyone doesn’t equate standing for the flag to patriotism, however, in the United States, our laws protect the right to voice this opinion.

Ninety-nine percent of the population will never be afforded an opportunity similar to that of Drew Brees, a fleeting moment in time to record his unwavering devotion to country and it was unfortunately rebuked by cowardice.

Shortly after daring to make this bold statement and staring the monster of leftism in the face, Brees blinked, folding like a flimsy chair, under the weight of a fat man and it wasn’t pretty. He was immediately attacked by his peers, including Saint’s new receiver Emmanuel Sanders who tweeted, “Smh… Ignorant,” 

That’s a slap in the nuts, a brand new receiver comes into Drew’s house and castrates him on social media.

Aaron Rodgers, all-star QB, and fellow nerdling white guy, quickly turned his back on Brees, scolding, “It has NEVER been about an anthem or a flag. Not then. Not now,” Rodgers said. “Listen with an open heart, let’s educate ourselves, and then turn word and thought into action.”

Right on cue, Bress shamelessly puckered his lips to the ass of those that prefer the United States be dead and posted this abomination:

Through my ongoing conversations with friends, teammates, and leaders in the black community, I realize this is not an issue about the American flag. It has never been. We can no longer use the flag to turn people away or distract them from the real issues that face our black communities.

We did this back in 2017, and regretfully I brought it back with my comments this week. We must stop talking about the flag and shift our attention to the real issues of systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality, and judicial & prison reform.
We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history! If not now, then when?

We as a white community need to listen and learn from the pain and suffering of our black communities. We must acknowledge the problems, identify the solutions, and then put this into action. The black community cannot do it alone. This will require all of us.

The ironic reality to this subsequent act of cowardice is that they still hate Brees and this apologetic post did zero to quell the dissent from most of Drew’s detractors, although a few of his black teammates did pat him on the head and forgive his treachery, “Good boy”.

Drew is just another fine example of whites in the West, America specifically, that are losing their identity and willing to trade their storied culture for a brief scratch on the belly by their enemy.

This proves that a once-revered man, known for courage and excellence is no different than a lost white kid with gold teeth and an urban twang or a fat white chick with sub-zero self-esteem, dangling off the arm of a black drug dealer.

Drew reached out to Shannon Sharpe co-host of the now sports social justice program Undisputed, one of his most loud-mouthed critics, and begged him for advice, shocking! The most revealing moment came when Brees eluded to the valuable time and money that he’s sunk into the black community and how he hopes that it wasn’t negated by his thoughtless statement, what a loser!

Listening to a grown man of faith grovel after he receives a verbal spanking from his peers is quite sickening, especially when that man has always claimed to represent authentic Americanism, hard work, and Christian values.

I recently wrote a piece on the need to preserve our American Identity and how our male populous is sadly devoid of it, unlike our WW2 generation, who seem to be cut from a different cloth entirely. The article is truly relevant to this disheartening development and definitely applies to Mr Brees.

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, news website dedicated preserving European heritage.

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