Sorry lefties, but Corbyn’s bizarre reaction to the election result shows he doesn’t care about the people


Jeremy Corbyn has continued to flaunt the typical leftist ignorance by celebrating the election result as though he had won. Having failed to achieve victory in this week’s general election, Corbyn has returned to his position as Leader of the Opposition in a party within which the majority is against him. But he still thinks he was the real winner, making clear the fact that leftists are not gifted with arithmetic after all. Yes, he now has more seats than before, but he did not win the election, making clear that the British people do not want him or his party in government.

Corbyn has interestingly made the claim that, “The party that has lost in this election is the Conservative Party, the arguments the Conservative Party put forward in this election have lost, I think we need a change”. This is despite the blatant fact that the Conservatives not only won most seats, but formed government with a right-wing Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland. Labour only won 262 seats, compared to the Conservatives’ 318. Corbyn may be bad at maths (an aspect that can be attributed to his position in the spectrum), but 318 is much higher than 262.

But he drops a real gem by stating, “We are ready to serve this country, that is what we fought the election for and this is the program we put forward in our election”. Well, it appears that neither this fight nor this program went down well with the British people, for if it had, Jeremy Corbyn would be the new Prime Minister. Corbyn cites the increase in seats and votes as enough evidence to support the notion that he won. Again, I refer the Opposition Leader to the very simple fact that he lost the election, just as how Bremain lost last year’s referendum.

He still claims that “We gained seats in every region in the country” as a reason to remain under the impression that his party won the election. He believes that this shows the Conservative Party is no longer supported by or relevant to the British people because it no longer has a majority by itself. However, using this logic, one might as well say that Bremain won last year’s referendum. It is completely nonsensical, and one could legitimately argue that Corbyn has post traumatic stress disorder by making such bizarre claims.

What matters most is the fact that he is gloating at the notion that the British people do not have a strong mandate for the Brexit negotiations. Corbyn believes that Theresa May is now at a weaker position, and his celebration of the Conservative result simply goes to show that he doesn’t care about this weaker position. If he indeed cared for the wellbeing of the British people, he would put politics aside and actually be on a unity ticket to ensure a hard Brexit. His lack of such concern reveals his indifference towards the Brexit result, and the British people in general.

To his credit, however, Corbyn wants to continue on with the Brexit process as soon as possible, and does not seem to be keen to have the discussions delayed. However, as always with the left, their few attempts at appearing outwardly agreeable are characterised by a hidden motive that undermines the people’s will.

The British people’s will, as manifested in Brexit, was to get the United Kingdom out of the EU in a method as hard as possible. However, it has become clear that Corbyn’s loyalty does not lie in this democratic decision made by the people he pretends to represent. Corbyn claims that “We are ready to undertake negotiations on behalf of this country”, but his attention lies in a soft Brexit. Despite pretending to stand up for UK workers, Corbyn explicitly said that he wants a “tariff-free trade arrangement” with the EU, which essentially renders Brexit as useless given that the EU can still economically exploit the British.

Furthermore, Corbyn wants to allow all EU nationals to remain in the UK, which is directly at odds with the British people’s desire to preserve British jobs for the British. No wonder he did not win this election. How can people vote for a leader of a party who prioritises the interests of foreigners over the interests of the British people?

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party lost the election fair and square. Together, they secured a number of seats that were considerably lower than that of the Conservatives, showing that their program does not go well with the British people. If it had, he would’ve won. This is a fortunate result, as it is now even more clear that he doesn’t care about the British people, given his views on the election result and Brexit. Let us hope this results repeat themselves in all future elections in order to ensure the continued prosperity of the United Kingdom.



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