Soros Heads East; Looks To East Germany To Stop AfD


American billionaire George Soros is looking to block Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) in East Germany.  Recently, Soros announced plans to expand the operations of his Open Society Foundation in East Germany where right-wing populists dominate.

The Foundation closed its offices in Budapest in 2018 due to the pressure of the Hungarian government and then relocated to Berlin.

The far right party AfD gained a strong foothold of Germany’s formerly Communist east three states — Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg. 

Last month, AfD emerged as a powerful political force in eastern Germany.  The party is now well represented in federal parliament and every state legislature.

In light of the current political agenda in eastern Germany, the Open Society Foundation is targeting to curb AfD’s influence by supporting organizations that promote an open, liberal and pluralistic Germany.

According to Caliskan, the foundation supports more than 50 civil society organizations in Germany.

“We are looking at ways to support actors in the east of Germany who share our values,” said Foundation Director Selmin Caliskan on Thursday in Berlin. 

“As a first step we will work with local partners in East Berlin and surrounding areas to launch an initiative to fight against hate crimes,” Caliskan added.

The Hungarian-born billionaire Soros is a known supporter of leftist globalist efforts worldwide. At the beginning of February he praised the Greens in Germany:

“The Greens have become the only consistently pro-European party in the country, and they continue to grow in opinion polls as the AfD seems to have reached its zenith,” he wrote in an essay on the online platform “Project Syndicate”.

Soros’ foundation launched and supported projects in Germany on alleged “equal rights” and “anti-discrimination”.

It also aims to promote journalistic organizations, such as the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The Hungarian-born Soros has become a thorn in AfD’s side for persistently advocating open borders and liberal causes.  

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