Embracing Victimhood Sabotages Student Success

Increasingly we see the left corrupt everything they touch. Their obsession with ideologically ingraining victimhood now begins on kindergarten children.

Victimhood Card

Increasingly we see the left corrupt everything they touch. Their obsession with ideologically ingraining victimhood now begins on kindergarten children.

Academic rigour is unraveling at schools and has been for decades. Academic excellence no longer matters as it is now more about diversity, racial equity, fairness or equality.

Education is smothered in identity politics and blames students’ academic challenges on institutional racial bias or gender stereotyping, and focuses on heterosexism and uprooting “white privilege”.

All teaching and learning experiences are viewed through the lens of racial equity,  gender equity, and only racially conscious teachers and administrators are hired. The equity agenda of full-scale ideological reeducation is there for all to see.

In some schools you will see 11th graders learning how to apply Marxist, feminist, post-colonial lenses to literature. You will see teachers pushing left positions, shaming and browbeating students who have dissenting views.  Embracing victimhood in urban schools in the United States has not lifted the black students grades one bit, they often get the worst results.

The social justice warriors say they wish to move towards diversity and equality. That is what they tell us. This is what they want you to believe. They do not believe in diversity at all, no matter what they say. They do not care who they destroy to have their way or what they destroy. They have no interest in excellence. More and more categories of oppression are being claimed, meaning more authority for the left and closing of more minds. Increasingly this means restraints on speech and other forms of expression.

The hyper-left feminists offer nothing but a deflated bag. They continually invent things to stay relevant. Modern gibberish is all they come up with.  Feminism is a hateful ideology as they paint themselves as victims, seek to advance themselves at the expense of others, attempt to feminise young boys, paint manliness as a grave evil, seek heavy public attention from sprouting dribble and is made up of people who are bitter, angry and delusional. Feminists offer nothing to society.

Radical leftists use the classroom as their own indoctrination centres using students as guinea pigs. Sydney public schools in 2016 for example, asked nine-year-old children to sign a petition against child refugees in detention. This is only one such example. The Australian Education Union’s only concern is pushing the politically correct view.

Modern millennials more fragile natures is partly the older generations fault for handing their children over to heavily unionised public schools run by Marxists, socialists, feminists and left fanatics. Eradication of merit and competition is the result. Children on therapy, everyone gets a prize, and children having tantrums is the standard fare. New categories of oppression are invented weekly so the box of critical thinking gets ticked.

The progressive left have whole university departments sprouting this nonsense. Unfortunately many Australian youth are indoctrinated by flimsy idiotic ideas that have no relevance in the real world. Outrage seeking is a common pastime and blogging has become a competition for supreme victim status among youth.

It is easy to see how the left sell their ideology. They are there to: punish your enemies or shut them down, give you perpetual compensation, stroke your victimhood, give you an oppressed status, give you trigger warnings and safe spaces when things get difficult, promote more re-writing of history,  pay minorities for past wrongs, blame others and look for perpetrators, remove any books that are deemed politically incorrect and go about finding more victims.

They will give you a right never to be offended, give you denial of personal  responsibility, encourage you to be full of self-pity and declare any inequality as unjust. Why are men in high positions? Oppression. Why do some commit more crimes than others? Racism. Why do some remain on welfare for longer? Discrimination or institutional racism. Why do people go to prison? Inequality.

It is obvious that reading, writing and mathematics are coming a long distant second, replaced with subjects teaching children how to embrace professional victimhood and be a good little socialist. Children are trained to over-react and to be traumatized by minor slights. 

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