Saint George of Minneapolis: The Fall of Reason


If you were to stroll past the boob-tube this week, you certainly could have caught one of the many glorious, statesmen-like funeral precessions for St. George of Minneapolis, the latest patron saint, along with the violent rioting and looting of his adoring followers.

The official narrative contrived by the left:

George Floyd was senselessly murdered by a racist white cop, Derek Chauvin, for one simple reason, he was born with brown skin in a hostile country where systemic-racism is deeply engrained and celebrated by the privileged whites.

Since the viral video emerged of Floyd’s questionable death while in the initial throes of police custody, down has been up and up has been down, random self-loathing white women are falling to their knees and confessing to unfairly wielding their white privilege.

Crowds of Americans that would normally be vilified for violating “social distancing” laws are now edified by the media, celebrities, and spineless politicians for passionately demonstrating their anger over racial injustice.

It amazes me that cities aren’t being littered with plastic plates, piled with greasy macaroni & cheese and fried chicken, accompanied by enormous festively colored cups of overly-sweetened Kool-Aid as a gift to appease the Ghetto Gods for the chronic sins of the white man.

Even Fox News isn’t immune to the PC pressure to cover this disturbing debacle, many white witnesses to this digital fiasco can proudly inform their grandchildren, “I sat in this very chair with my thumb up my ass, watching the death knell of Western culture, live on the tube and like so many, I did nothing”. Congratulations.

FOX News, they are fair and balanced, right? At least this is what my 90-year-old grandmother assures me, I wonder then, why they are complicit in the greatest hoax of my life-time?

Fox News is culpable, along with 99% of the other media, of force-feeding the world a false narrative and stoking irrational fears, promoting anti-white hysteria, and canonizing a common criminal.

Contrary to the fictitious web of delusion that’s been sown throughout the media, FOX New’s included, George Floyd was not an irreproachable martyr who died by the hands of racist white cops.

Before the now-infamous video, capturing a racially diverse group of cops kneeling upon George Floyd, he was resisting arrest and having difficulty complying with police instructions, refusing orders to get in the cruiser.

Derek Chauvin, the lead officer, felt it was appropriate to kneel on the perp’s neck while apparently waiting for EMT’s. The maneuver performed by Chauvin was legit and labeled as “non-lethal”, it’s been regularly used by officers within the Minneapolis Police Department.

In no-way does the video reveal the actual degree of pressure that Chauvin’s knee applied to Floyd’s neck, his other knee was down and it has not been determined how much of his weight it absorbed.

Making this case even more ambiguous are the results from the official autopsy which confirm that Floyd expired from cardiac arrest, post-mortem findings discovered that his heart wasn’t in good shape, one artery was 95% clogged. Several sources have confirmed that the “gentle giant” suffered from severe heart disease, unfortunately, an all too common ailment with middle-aged black men.

However, media sources will be quick to inform you that despite George Floyd’s shitty ticker, the fact that he was gassed-up on fentanyl and methamphetamine, and clearly stressed, these facts had no relevance on the homicide conclusion. George was strangled by a racist white cop, deal with it!

Former Officer Derek Chauvin

Officer Chauvin may be guilty of coming off like a completely insensitive tool, he may be helplessly addicted to gay-midget porn, but those would just be likely assumptions. Unlike rinky-dink courts in the third-world, here in the USA, the accused are afforded fair trials and supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

The same ambiguity of character can’t be said for St. George of Minneapolis, his rap sheet describes a bonafide thug, who wasn’t too troubled when it came to violating other American’s freedom to live unmolested.

St. George blessed Minneapolis with his presence in 2014, after being released from a Texas prison for aggravated robbery, just one of at least five trips to the hoosgow.  Obviously, poor Georges’s life had been negatively affected by substance abuse, he was high before his final arrest and has spent months in jail for cocaine possession.

Perhaps his most defining moment came in 2009 when the “pious one” held a loaded firearm to a pregnant woman’s belly during a home invasion, she was physically assaulted as George and the boys ransacked the house, searching for drugs and money.

The travesty here is, whether Chauvin is guilty or not has been rendered irrelevant, there’s zero media coverage that begins by stating he is only accused and has yet to receive a fair trial. A fair trial is not in the cards for the ex-cop, unfortunately, no jury in America’s willing to risk a repeat performance of the recent up evil, which a not-guilty verdict will certainly produce.

Is this the civilization that we want to leave our children? Our ancestors are cringing in the soil or in heaven, which-ever you prefer. Can our fundamental laws, separating us from the savages of the third-world be over-run and negated by the blood-lust of an angry mob?

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, news website dedicated preserving European heritage.

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