Russian report: Americans did not fire the main objects of the base


Russian journalists who were the first to enter the air base targeted by American cruise missiles late last week say that the “Americans did not fire the main objects of the base”. In what appears to be another confusing turn of events in an equally confusing and complicated event, this leads one to question whether US forces failed to completely destroy the base or if this was how it was planned.

Having investigated the air field, the Russian journalists reported: “Undamaged aircraft and ammunition in hangars and open areas, the most important management structures on the territory of the airfield are intact.”

Many of the aircraft are intact and operational

It was also mentioned that the air base was used to conduct regular air strikes against the Islamic State. The report said: “So it turns out that Washington with its actions supported the fanatics of the pseudo-Caliphate.” It’s already known that this air base was used to protect a large are that included Christian towns.

Hangars and runways are seen completely operational and unhit

Why would Trump fire at an air base used by the Syrian military to target ISIS? And even more interestingly, why are the “main objects” of the air base still intact?

With the main runways fully operational, and major elements safe from the US missiles, the air base is already back in business. The Syrian military has re-started its assaults against ISIS.

What is interesting to note is that while Russia was told in advance of the air strike by the US, it did not use its S-300 ad S-400 weapons in place in Syria to take down the missiles. If Russia did not take down the missiles, and if the air base is still mainly intact, what really is the truth behind this event?

On the one hand, the US President has come out and said he conducted the air strikes as a response to alleged claims that Syria used chemical weapons attacks against its own people. On the other hand, there are major discrepancies in this series of events: why did Trump spectacularly go back against his word of reviving US isolationism? Why would he attack an air base used to target ISIS and protect Christians? Why does it look more and more like this event was a false flag? These are questions that make this event one of the most puzzling in the history of the Syrian civil war.

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