Report: Merkel Suffering From Neurological Problem


German Chancellor Angela Merkel sparked concerns for her health again after she was seen shaking uncontrollably during a ceremony in Berlin where she met German President Frank Walter Steinmeier. 

The video footage shows that Merkel crossed her arms in order to control the tremors which lasted for about two minutes.

Ten days earlier, the German Chancellor also shook uncontrollably during a ceremony to welcome the new Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky.  Her first episode of tremors was attributed then to dehydration due to extreme heat. 

Observers noted that the temperature last Thursday was only 19°C, so they dismissed dehydration as the cause of Merkel’s second episode. 

Merkel’s team was quick to tone down speculations by saying that it was caused by her fear of the recurrence of her first episode.

A journalist later asked the German Chancellor about the distressing moment during a news conference:

“We saw that when you were waiting outside during the military honors, you started shaking.

“How are you personally feeling? Should citizens be worried?”

Chancellor Merkel smiled, shook her head and mouthed “no”.

Merkel’s staff told reporters, “There is nothing to worry about. The memory of the incident last week led to the situation today. It’s a psychological process.”

The German leader later assured reporters: “I have nothing particular to report, but I’m fine, I’m convinced, just as this reaction occurred it will go away again.”

When asked if she has consulted a doctor, Merkel dodged the question.

Bild, Germany’s largest tabloid in circulation, reported yesterday that Western Intelligence service believe that the leader is suffering from a “neurological problem” and are currently trying to gain access to Merkel’s health records.

“One leading western intelligence service is certain: that the health problem of the German chancellor ‘is a neurological problem’,” the tabloid noted without giving further details.

A spokesman from Merkel’s office confirmed that the Chancellor is well enough to attend the G20 summit in Japan. 

“Everything is taking place as planned. The Chancellor is well.”

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