The Straight Pride Parade in Boston on August 31st last year organized by Super Fun Happy America was met with enormous anger and vitriol by the media and US-based leftist and Antifa groups.

Around 1,000 police officers were needed to maintain order on the day with 36 arrested on the day as counter-protesters tried to break police lines. The City of Boston stated they would not stop the march from proceeding on free speech grounds.

Milo Yiannopoulos who was the grand marshal of parade gave a speech at its conclusion Milo is bitterly hated by the left because he is brutally honest about enormously destructive LGBT statistics and is a straight shooter with facts. No amount of social acceptance will change these statistics, he says.

LGBT Facts

These shocking health statistics are from liberal Western nations where LGBT rights and privileges are the most advanced. Tobacco use,  drug use, diseases and alcoholism are far more prevalent amongst homosexuals. LGBT is costing the government enormous sums of money.

In the USA $35 billion is spent on AIDS every year. That is simply AIDS. Once you add in all the other dangerous diseases that tag along you can double that. In California, it is no longer a crime to infect someone knowingly with AIDS.

Straight Pride Counter Protestors

Antifa who made up a large chunk of the Boston parade counter-protestors is a vile and disgusting terrorist group. The left fringe is taking over the mainstream. On the right, extreme fringes are overwhelmingly rejected by conservatives. Extremists like white power groups or Aryan Brotherhood are shown disgust.

However, on the left, Marxists march often. Universities are full of Marxists.  Journalists in Australia covered up the fact that recently leftist extremists marched in every major Australian city in their thousands demanding a climate emergency.

Antifa you are not fighting Nazis or racists. Nazis are hardly in sight anywhere. What you call Nazis are conservatives who simply want freedoms, lower taxes and less government.  Antifa believes anyone voting for a conservative like Trump is a Nazi. Antifa are simply street thugs, the same as Hitler’s Brownshirts and Mussolini’s Squadristi.

Whenever someone disagrees with them, they accuse that person or persons of being a Fascist.  Their favorite slur is Fascist. Every conservative alive is a Fascist. Just because Antifa’s name says anti-Fascist, it is, in fact, a Fascist movement.

Antifa know they are not fighting Nazis. They are simply words to try to justify their actions. They yearn for a hard-left socialist society and to achieve this, no one opposing them must be allowed to express themselves.

The same people who claim there are Nazis everywhere have never actually been to an Aryan Brotherhood or White Power Worldwide meeting and tried to stop it.  They could find out where they hold them. Instead,  they go after the elderly, the children, and anyone on the right of Vladimir Lenin. Antifa are famous for their cowardice.

Conservative Censorship

Conservative voices such as Milo and Laura Loomer are being banned from Twitter and Facebook. They are being blacklisted. Historical videos of Nazism are being erased because the left does not want the sheep to find out that Nazism was actually Socialism.

The progressives are trying to compel others to speak the way they want. Canada has gone full throttle into emotional protectionism and words are now deemed actual violence by the law. Minority groups are seeking higher powers of the state to protect them from simply ridicule or disagreement. Their emotions need state protection.

It will soon be a crime soon to say only women can get pregnant or trans men are not men. Wokeness is eating away at society. If you are not in line with progressive ideology you are a hater and need to be watched. After all, you could be the next mass shooter, want to send people into a concentration camps and are a threat to everyone’s children.

Twitter fanatics will also come after you. Ask JK Rowling who simply said a person cannot change their biological sex.  I mean, how dare she tell people facts. Stating biological facts is now deemed actual violence. It opens to door to ban anything. Words are deemed violent, therefore a radical defence response is justified. In comes Antifa. An anonymous tweet may do you severe damage and could doom your life.

I do not accept trans men are men. Marriage is between a man and a woman. A fetus is a baby and the earth will not end in ten years.

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