Queensland to Consider Recognising Non-Binary Genders


After achieving same-sex marriage the new cause of the LGBT movement is that of recognising non-binary genders and promoting the concept of gender fluidity. Being non-binary is different to a gender transition in that rather than engaging in medical body modification a person can simply declare themselves non-binary, and demand they be called ze and zir and demand their own bathroom.

Of course, if a person wants to identify as whatever that is their business, but nobody else is under any obligation to validate a person’s made up gender. Knowing a person’s biological gender is still important for people such as medical practictioners when providing gender specific health services. But this is not good enough for such people and LGBT activists and are now pushing for corporations and governments to recognise non-binary genders.

On government legal documents, this even includes modifying birth certificates to display a non-binary gender. In Australia each state as their own office of births, deaths and marriages. LGBT activists have been lobbying in various states to have an infinite number of gender options available on birth certificates. Often this is lobbied for in tandem with removing the requirement that transgender people undergo sex reassignment surgery to change the gender on their birth certificate.

In Victoria, in 2016 an Andrews Government bill which would have allowed anyone to change the gender on their birth certificate to anything for any reason, and they could keep changing it every six months was blocked in the state’s Upper House. But now activists are trying in Queensland with the recently re-elected majority Annastacia Palaszczuk Labor Government to implement the same type of legislation.

So far the Queensland Government has released the Recognising sex and gender diversity and same-sex families discussion paper as part of a review of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 2003 (Qld).

The review is needed the paper states because “under the BDMR Act birth and death registrations do not currently provide for the recognition of people of indeterminate sex or who identify as non-binary, that is, those people who do not identify with the gender descriptors of male or female”. It is also argued that since Notices of Intended Marriage since can now record couples gender as male, female or X Queensland gender documents need to be consistent with this.

Other changes proposed in the paper is that the requirement for transgender people to undergo surgery to change sex should be removed as “surgery should be a matter of individual choice and not a requirement for the legal recognition of a person’s sex or gender identity”. It also proposes removing the requirement that a person is unmarried when changing their legal gender since the passing of genderless marriage.

As part of the consultation phase of the review the Queensland Government is inviting citizens to complete a survey about the proposed reforms: if non-binary genders should be recognised on birth certificates and requirements for transgender people to undergo surgery should be relaxed. It closes on April 19th.

The Queensland Government recently attracted criticism for removing gender from the state’s driver’s licences and it would appear this review is the next step of this government’s approach at removing gender from as many legal documents as possible and accommodating all of the demands of LGBT activists.

The Liberal National Opposition has already slammed the proposed recognition of non-binary genders as PC madness, however they would be powerless to stop the Palaszczuk implimenting these reforms once the review is complete. Queensland was once considered a conservative state however lately its government is engaging in even more social reengineering than a state such as Victoria.

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