The Proud Boys’ Victorian chapters attended the annual pro-life March for Babies Rally in Melbourne on Saturday 12th October. Much was made of the Proud Boys’ attendance at the March by counter-protestors, who label them a far-right neo-fascist white nationalist misogynist organisation.

This description is false, of course, with men of any race or religion allowed to join the Proud Boys. It is an organisation based on male fraternity, bringing back the spirit of western chauvinism and its core values being libertarian in nature.

Below is a report of the Proud Boys attendance from one of the Australian Elders. It was originally published on the Proud Boys Australia website. We have decided to republish it here with permission so it can reach a wider audience and so that the Proud Boys can respond to the fake news and accusations made against them.

We started our day meeting at a central location to head into the March in a group. As we all know, the left likes to single out people and attack in groups. We attended the rally and as expected there were various leftist groups there at the counter-protest against the main rally. The usual suspects were there including the Melbourne branch of Antifa.

As we marched through the streets of Melbourne, the response from the people caught up in the traffic was mixed. We had people who were supporting the March and its values, while others yelled abuse at the March attendees. People were genuinely happy to see that Proud Boys were getting involved in the rally and many came up and personally thanked us for the support and that they were glad we were there.

As we rounded the street and were heading to the final part of the rally, we started to encounter some counterprotesters. They were yelling things like ‘keep your filthy claws off my silky drawers‘ until they saw us and then immediately changed their chant to ‘fuck off, fascists‘.

To the side of the street when we got to the main stage, there was a contingent of Melbourne’s Antifa chanting and screaming like the maniacs they are. There was a strong police presence there that kept them away from the many families and children that were enjoying the March.

Looking around the rally, I realised that the future isn’t as bleak and that the younger generation isn’t lost. There was a lot of the younger generation attending the March that was pro-life and seemed to be able to see through the shit the media is constantly putting out.


The fact that the counter-protesters were happy to be shouting hateful things while there were young children around shows their complete disregard for others.

The Daughters of the King choir belted out Advance Australia Fair and the crowd joined in, singing at the top of their lungs while the counter-protesters were booing and jeering. The rally heard from several key speakers and finished with the choir singing Amazing Grace.

After attending the March, the Proud Boys were walking to a local pub to get some food and have some drinks and happened to run into someone from YARD (Yelling At Racist Dogs). As we walked past, we said ‘ You’re from Yard‘ and the guy was full of spirit until he saw my Proud Boy hat. It was funny to see him put his tail between his legs and not want to yell at us like they usually do when they have numbers.



We continued onto the Asian Beer Café and were enjoying a few bevvies and some great food when we noticed a member of YARD had followed us inside. We kept our distance as we were there to have a good time and not cause any trouble after a successful March.

It was all going well until the YARD member was leaving and started trying to antagonise the group as he was making his exit from the bar. Unbeknown to the YARD fucktard, he didn’t realise I was standing at the bar and had seen it all.

As he walked past me we got into a verbal confrontation and he was quick to try and backpedal and showed that without numbers they do not have the guts to debate anyone person-to-person. I have never seen a grown man (I use that term loosely) quiver in fear. I told the guy to just leave before it didn’t end up well for him.

At this point, a few of the other guys walked in and escorted him out of the bar at the request of the Bar’s management. After that little bit of excitement, myself and the boys continued to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar for a few more hours. We were happy with the success of the March and the chapters involvement.

It’s good to see that the general public’s perception of who the Proud Boys are is changing no matter what the media and left-leaning groups try and push. People are waking up to the false narratives.

Finally I want to thank the Victorian Proud Boys for a well organised and planned day and it was great to see the chapter getting a great deal of praise from the general public.