Politicians, not authorities, missed the chance to stop the London attack


The world witnessed yet another Islamic terrorist attack carried out by three Muslims with migrant origin living in the United Kingdom. As customary of these contemporary terrorist attacks, responsibility was ultimately accepted by ISIS. The mainstream media narrative regarding the aftermath of this weekend’s London terror attack has focused on how the horrific event could have been prevented. While I am grateful for the media for their coverage of the attack, I am deeply disappointed by the unsurprisingly misinformed judgements they make regarding the link between terror and immigration.

Our beloved MSM seems to be under the impression that the terror attack could have been prevented if the authorities were more vigilant and careful, a similar theme that characterised the Sydney Siege, for example. This judgement involves the notion that it’s ultimately the responsibility of the authorities to be tough on all suspected jihadists and ensure they are properly monitored.

While I understand the attackers were known to the police and the MI5, I am not ashamed in saying that I am more than impressed by the authorities’ handling of terrorism in the UK. Considering the fact that there are hundreds of extremists and jihadis in the UK, along with the fact that identifying them is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack, the intelligence services have been highly successful in this front. The blame should not be aimed at them, the blame should be aimed at the people who allowed this to happen in the first place.

Who are these people? They are the politicians, those who allowed Islamic migrants to enter our countries, and by essence prioritised the safety of foreigners over the safety and security of their own people. Western governments, by placing our safety subordinate to the safety of foreigners (who’s loss of safety has partially been contributed to by our governments’ foreign intervention in the first place), should have lost their mandate to immerse themselves in lavish parliamentary interiors and enjoy taxpayer-funded benefits.

Our politicians let them in, without any concern for our safety, and thus it is our politicians who should be blamed. Leftists (and many centre-rightists), should not distract the public from the main issue by switching the blame to the authorities. Their pathetic attempt at protecting the feelings of minorities by avoiding an examination of harmful immigration simply goes to show their lack of concern for the safety of their fellow countrymen. The blood is in their hands just as much as it is on those of the terrorists.

One of the biggest offenders has been Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party beloved by the left thanks to the latter’s incompetence and ignorance. He himself boasted his contributions to allowing terrorism run wild by saying “I’ve been involved in opposing anti-terror legislation ever since I first went into Parliament in 1983”. In addition to voting against various bills aimed at preventing Irish terrorism, he opposed the Terrorism Bills of 2000 and 2006, and opposed the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures of 2011. And now he is running in the general election. God help Britain should he win.

Furthermore, he has criticised anti-terrorism programs for focusing too much on “the Muslim community”. Maybe the fact that 118 out of the 122 imprisoned in the UK for terrorist-related acts are Muslim has escaped his mind, or maybe he only cares about the feelings of Muslims over the need to effectively prevent terrorism. Who knows. I hope the British people do not find it hard to keep this sort of person from winning this month’s general election.

I could go on listing the disgraceful politicians who have directly opposed measures aimed at protecting their own people. It must be emphasised that until right now, completely banning extremist-related social media pages and regulating the Internet to block such material has not even been seriously put on the table. This should have happened even if the threat of terrorism was 0. Extremists and jihadis are still allowed to stay in our countries and roam free, when they should be thrown in boats and sent back to where they came from. There should not be a debate regarding this, this should be done without question.

The media does great injustice to the authorities by shifting the blame on them, as the latter’s actions are commendable. They, along with emergency services, responded to the London attacks within minutes, and have tried their hardest to identify and imprison extremists. The blame should be laid on politicians, such as those who allowed terrorists into our countries in the first place, those who oppose terrorism legislation, and those who are not committed to proposing serious laws that can effectively remove this threat from our countries. They are just as responsible for the ordeal experienced by the countless victims of terrorism and their families, and in order to redeem themselves, must pass a law banning Islamic immigration. And that’s just for starters.

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