Politician Tells Russian Women To Procreate Only With White Men


MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 7, 2018: Russian State Duma member Tamara Pletnyova at a plenary session of the Russian State Duma, the Lower House of the Parliament of Russia. Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS (Photo by Anton NovoderezhkinTASS via Getty Images)

Tamara Pletnyova, head of the lower house of parliament’s Family, Women and Children Committee told Russian women during a radio interview to avoid engaging in sex with foreign visitors and getting pregnant by them. 

She reminded women of the consequences of promiscuity during the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

“There will be girls who meet men, and then they will give birth. Maybe they will get married, maybe they won’t. But the kids will suffer, just like they suffered [after the Moscow Olympics].”

“It’s the children who suffer and have suffered since the Soviet era.”

For women who would opt to ignore her advice, Pletnyova urged them to have sex with the same race. She clarified that if you’re going to have sex with a foreigner, just make sure to choose a white partner.

“If it’s another race, then it’s even worse,” Pletnyova said. “We should give birth to our own children.”

For purists and the self-righteous, Pletnyova’s statement may sound bold and raise some eyebrows. However, stop for the moment and think about what the politician is trying to say.

If a woman couldn’t help herself from having sex with a stranger, at least do it with a stranger of the same race.  This way, the risk of the child being fatherless or raised by a misfit from another race is lessened. 

Put it this way, what if a Russian woman got impregnated by a soccer player from the Cameroon Islands during one night of unbridled testosterone-fueled passion? The father would be out of her life as soon as the World Cup ended. Meanwhile, she would be left to take care of the child as a single mother.

A Russian man would more than likely own up to the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Hats off to this sensible politician who candidly voiced out her views about procreation and openly shared it with Russian women without fear of prejudice or backlash!

That is a far cry from Western politicians who wouldn’t dare say anything like that, in order to protect their image and avoid being called a racist. 

In the West, a politician will have to thread dangerous waters the moment she discourages white women from procreating with non-white men.  Racism is a volatile issue and one’s political career will spiral down once he/she is labeled a racist.

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