Police Assaulted by African Youths in Aftermath of Riotous North Melbourne House Party


Victorian police have been violently assaulted and had their vehicles damaged overnight, as a house party held in North Melbourne’s Shands Lane spun out of control. Officers were forced to take shelter inside the property, as party attendees began throwing firewood and rubbish bins at them, before then proceeding to also destroy the nearby police cars which the officers had used in order to travel to the address. No police sustained any serious injuries, although substantial damage was caused to both the vehicles and also the property itself. No arrests have been made at this point, and it appears that the property was a short term rental which had been booked through a false name.

Police arrived at the address late on Saturday night in response to noise complaints which they had received from neighbours, with party goers then resorting to violence as they began to leave the property. Local residents were quoted as saying that similar parties had also been held at the rental property in recent months. The incident is just the latest in a string of violent episodes which have seen African gangs wreaking havoc across Melbourne, with many Australians now fearing for their safety amid inaction from the government. The Australian people deserve better.

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