Parents Demand to See LGBT Material Shown at School, School District Denies


A Pennsylvania school district recently celebrated LGBT “Unity Week” in which around 2,800 students were shown a number of videos. Parents asked the school district to provide the links to the videos, so they could see for themselves what the videos contained. The school’s answer? No.

The school district claims that, since the material was not provided by the school itself and was instead put together by a student council called “The Straight Alliance” the school could not provide these materials to the parents requesting it.

A lawsuit was filed against the school district claiming the practice violated the “right to know” law, where parents are entitled to know what is being taught to their students. The school district responded that their actions are, in fact, in violation of no laws or regulations as the law only covers content shown from the school directly to the students, and not from student groups.

The content is not necessarily inappropriate, however there is no way to really know until the content links are released to the parents. However the question stand that, if the content is not in any way inappropriate, why would the district hesitate to release it?

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