Orban To Prioritize Hungarian Baby Boom; Rejects Migration


SZEKESFEHERVAR, HUNGARY - APRIL 06: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attends his Fidesz party campaign closing rally on April 6, 2018 in Szekesfehervar, Hungary. Hungary will hold a parliamentary election on April 8, 2018. (Photo by Laszlo Balogh/Getty Images)

Fresh from his overwhelming re-election victory as Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán reiterated his campaign promise of rejecting mass migration in favour of policies that will ensure the growth of the country’s population well into 2030.

Like other countries in Europe, Hungary has been experiencing falling birth rates. The declining rates of population have led the globalist regimes to advocate pro-Immigration policies to provide the warm bodies needed to cover key roles and jobs in various industries.

However, immigration has only provided stop-gap solutions at best. In exchange for short-term gains, countries have compromised their sense of culture, society, economic well-being, and in some cases, their personal safety and security.

The failure of the globalist agenda to produce sustainable results with their pro-immigration policies has given way to a growing nationalist movement. The nationalist phenomenon is felt in different parts of the world, most notably, in Europe.

For Prime Minister Orbán and those who advocate nationalism, the answer does not lie in opening the borders of Europe to immigrants. He believes long-term solutions can be achieved if the country focuses on the fundamental issue of demographics:

“Demographics is fundamentally about the following: how many children are born to Hungarian mothers; how many children can we raise together, whether there will be a Hungarian future, whether the Hungarian nation will survive biologically and numerically.

“What we must do to stop the decline we clearly see in this area and what must we do to change the fact that we have more funerals than christenings.”

Orbán’s goal is to get Hungary’s population rate growing so that by 2030 the country can become self- sustainable without the need for immigration:

“By 2030, Hungary will become a country which is able to sustain its own population level, to reproduce itself. To put it plainly, we want a country where the number of children being born is at least as high as the number of people departing this life.”

Orbán’s approach to policy-making will be anchored on the tenets of Christian democracy rather than the globalist ideal of liberal democracy:

“There are, of course, other cultures in a society; and as we’re tolerant people there’s room for them. But all the same, our lives have a foundational culture which needs to be protected – and this is Christian culture.”

The Hungarian leader believes that liberal democracy failed to answer the problem of migration. In the globalists’ effort to try and solve the problem of migration, it neglected to protect and serve the interest of their own people.

Prime Minister Orbán knows that his nationalistic policies will be opposed by the European Union despite its massive support from the electorate. Thus, his government would seek to institute amendments to the Constitution that would protect Hungary’s sovereignty:

“We stand on the foundations of sovereignty, and Brussels cannot take Hungary’s sovereignty away from us.”

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