OmiCON! The New Delta


Well, it’s been a few weeks now since its discovery but the Omicron strain has become the flavour of the month for the mainstream media and governments. We are now starting to see where they are going with this new strain. They are not saying it’s more dangerous. In fact, they are hinting it could be milder than Delta, but they are saying that it spreads even faster than Delta, so this is bad news for us in regards to this latest strain. You see spreading faster means that more people will get it. So more people will end up in hospital even though it’s a milder strain of Covid. Get the logic?

Well it does makes sense, but it still doesn’t mean anything to me. Delta or Omicron, I’m not going to be affected. I’m too healthy for them to do anything. It’s the vulnerable who need to watch out. But because we have socialised government healthcare, the government is saying that we all need to join in on this attempt to stop the vulnerable from dying from/with Covid.

‘You’ve got to get your jabs even if you are not at risk of being harmed by Covid. And put the mask on. It’s for others safety, not yours. You healthy people might spread it all around.’

Personally, I don’t believe this theory. I think the healthy beat viruses faster when coming into contact with them, so I think the unhealthy staying sick for ages are actually the super spreaders and are the ones who should get the vaccines wear the masks and socially distance. Although honestly, I don’t think they should anyway.

Boris Johnson is going off his rocker in the UK over this Omnicron variant. As it spreads faster they are achieving all-time record high case numbers (with record high testing numbers, the country is now in a partial lockdown of sorts with the threat of more restrictions to come. Boris and his government are of course telling everyone to get the booster to save themselves and others from Omnicron. So basically the covid vaccination has a temporary effect. It doesn’t offer long term protection. Only five monthly protection. The governments’ behaviour toward Omicron is clearly indicating this is the case and the high case numbers in highly vaccinated countries is indicating this is so, otherwise Omnicron would struggle to penetrate these places. NSW’s case numbers are also booming, and Victoria’s seem to be following. The jab has a short use-by date sadly when it comes to preventing infection.

I imagine the next thing coming is that due to the new strain and the strains to come people will need the latest vaccine for that strain, and then to get boosted for the new jab strain months after that. So everyone will need a jab every three months or less. Maybe your January shot will be to boost your protection to covid, your March shot will be for a new strain, then your May shot will be to boost your protection to the new strain, then your October shot will be for a new new strain, December shot a booster for the new strain, March a booster for the new new strain, April a booster to the original strain, May a shot for the new new new strain, and on and on.

I think they will follow whatever path is necessary to get as many jabs in arms as possible, and it could be a situation like I just laid out. I’m starting to see how Alex Jones can say things like ‘they are planning on giving us ten shots a year.’

I think three monthly shots seem like what they want to get us to, maybe a few years down the track when the infrastructure is set up they can do monthly jabs, but not now.

Remember be scared of OmiCON, very scared.

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