No ABC, One Nation supporters are not uneducated white racists


One Nation supporters have come under fire by the left yet again for being racist white supremacists whose apparent lack of tertiary education disqualifies them from having a political opinion. On Monday, writer David Marr was interviewed by the ABC’s early morning show, News Breakfast, by host Michael Rowland. Marr who is a card carrying leftist, did concede that One Nation supporters are misconceived by mainstream politicians and voters. But he still didn’t fail to meet the standards of the leftist echo-chamber that we call our national broadcaster by wholeheartedly reciting the usual “racist xenophobic bigoted whites” verse with which the left constantly blasts the right.

Of course, the host Michael Rowland also displayed loyalty to his employer by leading the interview using the classic mainstream media behaviour to which we’ve all become immune: asking one-sided questions and making it obvious that the interview was most likely staged. But this isn’t about the national broadcaster’s talents at being an embarrassment to our nation, this is about a writer who not only misled the public about One Nation supporters, but flaunted his ignorance by resorting to the usual left-wing rhetoric that never fails to leave out the facts.

And what are the real facts? The main overarching fact is One Nation supporters are not uneducated racist bigots who want to reinstate the White Australia Policy. This has been contributed to by the wrong modern-day premise that lacking a tertiary education somehow renders you as uneducated. Many One Nation voters aren’t even white, like yours truly. They do not believe the white race is superior to any other race, and neither does Pauline Hanson. Many of them support civic nationalist policies in order to halt Islamic immigration because they want to protect Australia’s values, freedoms and heritage.

In fact, I have met many socially progressive Mardi Gras-loving LGBT people who support Pauline Hanson and her party simply because her plan includes protecting their freedoms. These are the same freedoms their counterparts in Europe are losing thanks to a pro-Islam open borders policy, and the same freedoms that were violated during the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando. The left may not care about the impending chaos that will be unleashed by Islamic immigration on all different types of people who call Australia home, but Pauline does.

But of course, we cannot expect the actual bigots, who we call the left to consider these facts before coming to a conclusion. To them, One Nation supporters will always be “racist xenophobic, Islamophobic white supremacists”, even if half its supporters would one day turn out to become migrants. This is despite the fact that, say, One Nation is gaining more and more support among immigrants, or the fact that One Nation has had Asian candidates like Shan Ju Lin or Chinese-Australian Tshung Chang. Even with those identifying as LGBT supporting Pauline Hanson and her policies, to the left, One Nation will always be a party for the “backward right-wing whites”.

This is not to say that there are no racist One Nation supporters out there. But it’s not the majority. Many of them have no problem with the migration intake we have now, they just want to ban Muslims because they are intelligent enough to want Australia to avoid the same fate as Sweden and other once great European nations. But don’t they care about the Muslims suffering in the Middle East? Yes they do, and that’s why they’re intelligent enough to focus on the roots of the refugee crisis including Western interventionism, instead of using refugee-intake as a short-term solution. Others want to reduce migration to Australia as much as possible, but that’s because they want to protect tradition, just like how non-white people want to protect the traditional ethnic make-up of their homelands. But somehow the latter is not racist, while the former is.

It is clear that, for the left, the facts are simply not on their side. David Marr’s comments are just one out of many examples where virtue signalling politicians, celebrities and writers attack right-wing parties and their supporters without a hint of reality or factual evidence. They are oblivious to the One Nation voter base hosting a diverse ethnic and cultural make up with those ranging from Muslims themselves to LGBT people. They are afforded several minutes on television by networks that do not respect truth and integrity while ignoring the fact that their ignorant actions are ultimately helping One Nation. This already rings a bell, it’s akin to how most mainstream networks in America actually helped Trump by spreading lies about him in order to appease their mistress.

The regressive left has once again paraded its ignorance and stupidity by ignoring the facts that stand in its way. Their sound aptitude at jumping to conclusions about those who want to make Australia great again has now resulted in the latter mocking and laughing at them. David Marr and his friends at the ABC did what they did and what little they can do, clouding their judgement with superficiality and making it even more obvious that they are out of touch at the most hilarious levels. Their own proclivity towards identity politics has wounded their perception of a demographic that increasingly holds the balance of power in Australian politics. Just like their American counterparts, they are inadvertently laying down the red carpet for a right-wing revival.

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