During 2020 we saw images all over the West and most notably in the United States of burnt-out cars, destruction of buildings, shattered store windows, mobs looting goods, monuments and statues destroyed and an increase in cancel culture.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa called for the abolition of police and at times called for violence against police officers. The so-called anti-racism movement of BLM which fights past racism with present-day racism. It demands whites denounce their white privilege and admit to their life advantage on the backs of black suffering. This type of racial segregation will only double-up under the Biden-Harris Administration.

George Floyd was their opportune moment to destroy the established social order. All we heard from the media was a white police officer kneeling on a black man’s neck because of the racist police and systemic racism. However, like so many to get incidents before, this case was coloured with the charge of racism before a single fact came to light. The officer was white, the dead victim was black. Using racism as a pretext, anarchists began a wave of destruction across US cities and George Floyd who himself had a substantial criminal rap sheet was turned into a martyr. 

Anti-racism is the communist trojan horse of the twenty-first century. White silence is deemed violence and oppression. Being white is a privilege and unless you do self-flagellation and self-debasement you will be hounded. The ideology reached such a stage as to call for the abolition of police.

Celebrities and elites have jumped on board whilst they go to events and functions with armed private security. Defunding police will simply embolden criminals and put minorities at more risk including women and children. Of course, they want to destroy the family also which will increase social welfare costs and increase poverty but all that is of no concern. The scope of government must increase for the progressives. A stable family unit is what the Marxists despise. Personal responsibility, independence and people not on government programs are what the Marxists detest. 

Identitarian warfare and the Balkanisation of the USA will proceed now at warp speed. Oppression Olympics, the suppression of free speech, diversity worship, guilt-tripping, white shaming and more will be ramped up. Nothing you achieve will be legitimate. Everything you achieve is done on the back of the oppression and the suffering of others. You are privileged and you only got to where you are because you are an oppressor.

If you are the wrong identity, you are at the wrong end of the oppressor vs oppressed pyramid. Your achievements are because of racism, sexism, bigotry, injustice, and white supremacy. It is no use trying to excel yourself. There is no room in social justice warrior culture for anyone to put effort into improving themselves. 

Individual liberty is being severely undermined. Social sameness is an impossible quest. Individuals are not part of collectives. We now categorize people on where they sit on the oppressor and oppressed category. Your character is secondary. Identity is becoming paramount. Your value is determined by your sex, gender, class, colour and sexuality. 

Human nature cannot be conquered.  Shuffling society’s advantages and disadvantages cannot be done. Enforcing equality with top-down solutions with the implementation of quotas is anti-liberty. It means the destruction of people’s natural talents, intelligence, destruction of motivation and ambition.

Judging everything on identity politics, social justice and intersectionality is a zero-sum game. There is no such thing as perfect human equality. It doesn’t exist on any physical, material, legal, philosophical or spiritual sense. 

Anyone now who is offended and upset immediately becomes a victim. The thought is that person through helplessness cannot defend himself or herself. This has created a huge booming industry of victimhood, victimization, and victimology. Victimhood is now a virtue. 

What matters to the youths educated at today’s indoctrination institutions is social sensitivities and displaying goodwill-not excelling or pushing the limits of your potential. What matters is that you are ticking the right boxes in social inclusion, sensitivity, equality and diversity.  

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