Mexico’s newly elected president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has revealed a plan on US- bound migration which he signed in agreement with the presidents of Honduras and Guatemala and the vice-president of El Salvador.

The leaders agreed to create a plan to stem the flow of migrants to the US.

The four heads of states tasked their finance ministries to strategize “programmes, projects and specific actions, for the sake of jobs generation and poverty fight in the region.”

The plan also includes setting up a fund to generate jobs and resolve the structural cause of migration from Central American countries.

An “integral development plan” will be the foundation of these programmes which aims to make the Central American nations a better place to live so people will be encouraged to stay.

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC or CEPAL for its Spanish acronym, has committed to support these programmes.

This migration deal is the first official act President Obrador has accomplished after donning his presidential stash. The President immediately addressed the Tijuana border crisis where migrant caravans have invaded in the hopes of gaining asylum in the US.

The left-populist López Obrador, who once characterized Trump as a “neo-fascist” during the campaign period has opted to take a much more cordial tone toward his U.S counterpart after winning.

President Obrador is perceptive of the fact that if Trump likes you personally, it will be easier to do business with the U.S administration.

As a gesture of goodwill, Obrador already signed off on Trump’s NAFTA replacement despite his skepticism on free trade.

After he took his oath of office in Mexico City on Saturday, the new president vowed to fulfill his election campaign promises to the people – to crackdown on drug cartel violence, to cease corruption, to create new opportunities for Mexico’s youth and indigenous community and end to neoliberal policies of privatization which he linked to graft and inequality.

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