Meeting Christina Hoff Sommers


It seems the more events that are held in Melbourne, the more eager I am to engage in intellectual discourse. So when I discover that there are certain speakers whom I admire, that will offer valuable things like fresh knowledge or different perspectives I had never contemplated – I become excited about the prospect of being introduced to things I had never heard of.

Christina Hoff Sommers the Factual Feminist is a pioneer in the feminist/egalitarian movement. In her own right she has forged a path for women everywhere, a classical feminist with the noble intentions of ‘equality’ without all the drama of man hating and one of the most prominent voices responsible for deconstructing the alleged statistic behind the ‘gender wage gap’.

For real facts on any discrepancies in feminist type discussions, the best source for factual information, the “go to” person is usually Christina Hoff Sommers, a self-proclaimed Democrat and a Leftist who has oddly been abandoned by her community for being rational, respectful and reasonable.

It was the 31st of March only two weeks after the Jordan Peterson spoke at the very same location the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. The difference however was savagely evident. Aside from the obvious police presence that was seemingly unnecessary at the Jordan Peterson event, there was no police presence for the Roxane Gay & Christina Hoff Sommers event. The crowd was also quite diverse in the range of human specimens in terms of optics. There were conservatively dressed ladies, women with green hair and nose rings and a few beta males in the mix too. Truthfully it was a joy to be amongst the crowd.

The event officially began at 8pm, where the young man presenting the Q & A style stage show comfortably yet conveniently fit the criteria of a typical leftist draw card. The visuals were bang on the money cause whilst he had the misfortune of acquiring a penis, he was also brown & consisted of an accent – so the minority points were covered on that front.

Then you have the pioneer feminist who has courageously paved the way for women when opportunities were scarce in an era when women truly were oppressed, when the patriarchy was far more evident, also happens to be Jewish and whilst her introduction on the stage was met with applause it was not met with the applause I and many others believe she warranted.

It is no surprise however that the strongest adulation and applause went out to the obese, token black woman on the stage Heffalump oops I mean Roxane Gay the Bad Feminist. Far be it from me to be petty & insult others however I will not revere or show respect to an individual who rolls her eyes at the elder and legend sitting beside her & dismisses her and treats her like everything she is stating is wrong or unimaginable. Her actions were insulting & whilst I had the capacity to laugh with her and agree with much of her answers to the questions I did not appreciate her blatant disrespect of Christina Hoff Sommers.

One of the questions that was directed her way was whether ‘guilt by association’ meant being complicit in someone else’s ideology. The question was asked with a great level of impudence. I found it to be disrespectful as she was essentially claiming without stating it outright that Christina did not merit the stage she was on because she is controversial and wrong in her views and as such deserves blatant disrespect.

Heffalump stated that sharing the stage with anyone does not equate to being
complicit; additionally, she signed the contract without actually knowing who
Christina even was. Something tells me she is lying; how is she even able to
claim to be a genuine feminist and not know who the pioneers of the movement

Christina Hoff Sommers is pro choice where I am pro life however her attitude toward the pro life argument and pro life individuals is incredible. She does not maltreat those who defend the sanction of life in the womb and is reasonable enough to even explain the opposing view point despite not agreeing with it. When Sommers explained her position Heffalump just appeared distant & dismissive.

Overall the experience was a positive one & eye opening. I have comfortably attributed myself to the label of being anti-feminist even when negative commentary floats around online regarding the fact that I am a traitor to my own gender. It was educational yet it is still important to note that I learnt that there are certain injustices that still exist within the male and female dichotomy.

these are worth uncovering for another time. Never fear I have not converted to
Leftist think however I am a strong believer in learning and absorbing.

I had the opportunity to meet Christina after the show and she offered her thoughts and reflections you can see in my vlog below.

Hoff Sommers you were elegant & a class act the whole way. Thank you for
coming to Melbourne and pioneering a necessary movement and paving the way for
the ungrateful garbage that represents the movement today.

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