Marine Le Pen reveals her thoughts on #SyriaStrikes


Trump’s decision to militarily intervene in Syria has seen various right-wing politicians and commentators criticising his actions, and Marine Le Pen has not been shy in expressing her concerns. It is true that Trump not only went back on his promise to avoid intervening in Syria, he contradicted his pre-election views attacking former President Obama for his decision to intervene in Syria, and has appeared to give in to the interventionists still ruling the US government. This time, likely future President of France, Marine Le Pen, has also criticised Trump’s decision.

Le Pen, who almost always aligns herself with Trump and his policies, has this time criticised his actions saying: “”I am a little surprised because Trump had said repeatedly that he didn’t intend the United States to be the world’s policeman any longer and that is exactly what he did yesterday,” she said.

She also expressed her disappointment at what seemed like an irrational decision taken by Trump after being exposed to mainstream media narratives regarding Syrian President Assad’s alleged chemical attack. She asked, “Is it too much to ask to wait for the results of an independent international investigation (into Tuesday’s attack) before carrying out this kind of strike?”.

Echoing the concerns expressed by many on the right, she made clear the regressiveness of the act by saying similar actions in the past “brought chaos and ended up strengthening … terrorist organizations.” This was visible in Iraq, for example.

She also reiterated that the real enemy is ISIS, stating “For me, the bad guys are the IS. Does Bashar Assad send Syrian soldiers to kill children in our streets? It is the IS that sends its soldiers to kill our children.”

She also took to Twitter to say: “What happened in (Idlib) #Syria is horrendous & I strongly condemn it. But you need first an international #investigation”.


She also tweeted: ” #Trump is wrong about thinking of a military intervention in #Syria…He would then follow the same path as those who intervened in #Iraq”.


Unlike what the mainstream media is saying, this is hardly a “severing of ties” or “movement away” of the right-wing and alt-right from Trump, except for maybe a few. But it is important to know that the right, especially those in the far-right and alt-right sections, possess a deep consensus on this issue: foreign intervention is regressive and isolationism is key.

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