Man Arrested Over Murder of a Woman in Parkville Appears in Court


25-year-old Courtney Herron was found dead in Royal Park on Saturday morning after what police describe to have been a “horrendous bashing.” Ms Herron was homeless at the time.

A 27-year-old man, Henry Hammond, was arrested on Sunday in connection with the death. Hammond was also homeless. He Appeared in court earlier today, saying nothing as he sat behind glass.

Hammond’s lawyer Bernie Bulmer told the court that the accused had been diagnosed with ADHD and a possible diagnosis of delusion disorder and autism spectrum disorder. He described the incident as being “tragic and complex.”

Police have mentioned that there is no evidence to suggest the attack to have been sexually motivated and believe that the attack was not random. Police are still trying to find evidence that link the two together.

Mr Hammond will be remanded in custody with his next court date set for September 16th.

There will be a vigil held for Ms Herron at Royal Park on Friday at 5:30pm.

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