Luke Foley Concerned That White People Are Moving Away Due To Mass Immigration In Western Sydney


NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has raised concerns over the disproportionate number of refugees entering Sydney’s South-West. Fairfield City Council will be settling 6000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees, equating to half of the total amount entering Australia. The Fairfield area is located 30kms from the Sydney CBD, and by world standards contains some of the most ethnically diverse suburbs.

Fairfield is a heavily populated area, with more than 200,000 people living within its suburbs. Many people that live there come from non-English speaking backgrounds, and the area has also had its fair share of crime. The council last year settled 3000 humanitarian arrivals from Syria and Iraq, and it will be now given a greater burden by doing it all over again. Fairfield has settled 75% of all Syrian and Iraqi refugees that have moved to Western Sydney. It is more and more starting to look like a different country whilst you travel throughout the city.

Luke Foley has taken the opportunity to criticise the governments plan by saying that more needs to be done to help the area cope in terms of jobs and education. “It’s all right to come up with a grand gesture of we’ll take 10,000 Syrian or Iraqi refugees but where’s the practical assistance?” Not only will there be a big cultural impact but a big economic dilemma, as the area already has an unemployment rate of 9.1%, higher than the national average of 5.6%. There is always going to be a problem when there are more people than there are jobs available. Of the immigrants that choose to find a job, this will only result in more competition for Australians looking for work. The many that choose not to work however will reign in on welfare, costing the Australian tax payer.

There was a hint that the Labor Party under Luke Foley was trying to reconnect with its roots. He claimed that white families have been forced out of the Sydney suburb due to this mass immigration intake. He said, “what about that middle ring of suburbs that have experienced, if anything, just a slow decline. In terms of employment, in terms of white flight – where many Anglo families have moved out? I’m not prepared to see the people of those suburbs denied opportunities that are taken for granted elsewhere.” In the 1970’s many Vietnamese immigrants came to Cabramatta, an area that Foley has deemed a “middle ring” of struggling areas. However even that number cannot compare to the current influx that those living in Western Sydney are now facing.

Luke Foley it seems has chosen to reconnect with their white working class base that they used to represent once upon a time. Many would consider this to be a breath of fresh air, seeing as the party nowadays chooses to focus on promoting degeneracy, mass immigration, and politically correct virtue signalling at every chance they get. Luke Foley has been able to come across as a moderate old school Laborite, which is a complete opposite to his Victorian comrade. He has a very strong chance of winning the 2019 State Election if he stays on this path, as he will continue to appeal to ordinary battlers rather than the loud inner city hipsters. With the Liberal Government in NSW leaning more left by the day, there is an opportunity here for Labor to take a stand for what it used to traditionally believe in.

It is about time that leaders start to talk about the problems with the concept of having a “Big Australia”. Not only will we continue to see a rise in unemployment and welfare blowouts, but we will also see big cultural changes within the places we live. We can no longer accept any further immigrants until we clean our backyard first. We need to once again put Australians first, rather than continue taking on other peoples problems.


Damien Ferri
Senior Editor @ The Unshackled

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